Charleston DUI News for 01-31-2018

W. Stephen Harris| Charleston DUI Lawyer

Federal and State DUI Defense Lawyer Stephen Harris has practiced almost exclusively Criminal Defense his entire career. As a Public Defender in Charleston County, Mr. Harris was tasked with handling more than 200 cases at a time. Many of these cases went to trial and many resulted in the defendant being acquitted or the case being nolle prossed. This Charleston DUI Lawyer also work daily with all of the solicitors in the Charleston and Berkeley County Solicitor’s offices, as well as developed a positive reputation with all of the Ninth Circuit Judges and most if not all of the South Carolina Circuit Judges. He attended the National Criminal Defense College in 2007 and received training in advanced cross-examination as well as DUI training. Mr. Harris primarily handles DUI and criminal defense cases in Charleston County, Berkeley County, Dorchester County, and Beaufort County. Mr. Harris is a member of the South Carolina Bar, Charleston Bar, Federal Bar and a practicing member of the United States District Court for the District of South Carolina and the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in Washington DC. Mr. Harris is currently an adjunct professor at the Charleston School of Law, where he teaches Criminal Trial Practice. He is a seasoned Charleston DUI Lawyer with many great results.

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DUI Lawyer Columbia, SC

Facing a DUI in Columbia, SC? Whether you were having a few drinks with friends after work or you struggle with alcoholism, a DUI is no walk in the park. It’s probable that you care deeply about how a DUI might affect your reputation along with the impact it could have on your relationship with friends and family. Well, in South Carolina, a DUI is a criminal offense. A court mandated ignition interlock device placed on your vehicle and more. Our DUI attorneys will explore the ins and outs of your DUI charge and determine if there’s anything we can use in your defense. Was the breathalyzer machine defective? Could there be false readings due to medication? Was there proof of probable cause to test for impairment? Was the blood or breath test improperly administered ? Were the field sobriety tests improperly administered? Did the arresting office comply with the mandatory video taping requirement? The Truth. We’re not going guarantee we can get your charges dismissed. There are many ways to combat both the short- and long-term consequences of a DUI conviction in South Carolina. With the right legal strategy, many people are able to put this tragedy behind them forever. To find out how you can improve your chance for success, contact us to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with a skilled Columbia, SC, DUI attorney.

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Cameron L. Marshall, LLC

If you are in need of powerful personal injury representation or strong criminal defense, call Attorney Cameron Marshall today for a free initial consultation. If you are bringing a claim against someone who has injured you or are defending yourself in a criminal case brought by the government, preparation for the possibility of trial should begin at the outset of the attorney/client relationship. You should have a lawyer who has the willingness and expertise to try your case well. Many of the most important actions taken by a personal injury attorney happen in the early stages of client representation. Witnesses can quickly disappear, memories can fade, and crucial evidence can be lost. Whether your case is concluded through negotiation and settlement or by trial in one of South Carolina courts, diligent preparation produces the best results. Becoming a skilled trial lawyer takes years of hard work and experience in successfully presenting cases to juries. Choosing a lawyer may be one of the most important decisions you will ever make, and can have a profound impact on the outcome of your case and your future. Cameron Marshall has been practicing law in the Low country for over twenty-two years. Our law firm in South Carolina is determined, experienced and focused on the daily needs of our clients.

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Criminal, DUI & Personal Injury Lawyer

The legal system is incredibly complex, so at the Mastantuno Law Firm our entire practice is focused on Criminal Defense, DUI Defense and Personal Injury cases. If you have been charged with a crime your liberty and reputation are at stake. You need someone with the experience and reputation to achieve positive results. Together with a team of investigators, forensic consultants and office staff, Allen Mastantuno will ensure no stone is left unturned. As an experienced trial attorney and former prosecutor, Allen Mastantuno has been involved with over a thousand cases, including Murder, Armed Robbery, Burglary, Trafficking Drugs, Felony DUI, etc. He understands no two cases are the same and positive results are only achieved through a deep knowledge of the law, along with intense preparation, compassion and dedication to his clients’ needs. Contact Us. Whether you are facing serious criminal charges or suffered a serious injury, Mastantuno Law Firm has the experience to protect your rights. Whether your case is simple or complex, our experienced staff is here to help you. To set up an initial consultation with our Charleston, SC criminal defense lawyer, call us at 843.720.3741.

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Charleston DUI News for 01-20-2018

Rodney Davis Biography of Lowcountry Law Office

Lowcountry Law Office owner, Rodney D. Davis, focuses his practice on all areas of criminal defense and litigation, including drug offenses, driving under the influence, and traffic tickets, among others. He previously served as assistant public defender for the Ninth Circuit Public Defender’s Office in Charleston County. He has previously maintained his own solo practice, was a partner in a North Charleston law firm and has represented well over 5,000 clients. He served as assistant solicitor for the Ninth Circuit Solicitor’s Office in Charleston County and prior to that for the Seventh Circuit Solicitor’s Office in Spartanburg and Cherokee Counties. Rodney earned his law degree from the West Virginia University College of Law and graduated cum laude with a bachelor’s degree from Marshall University. He is a member of the South Carolina Bar Association and the Charleston County Bar Association. He has also served as a member of the South Carolina Bar House of Delegates, as a South Carolina Bar lecturer, and as a judge for the Charleston School of Law Moot Court Competition. He is admitted to practice before the South Carolina Supreme Court, the United States District Court for the District of South Carolina, and the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, and is also certified lead counsel for death penalty cases.

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Thurmond Kirchner & Timbes Law Firm

Paul Thurmond stands out as an effective lawyer and a dedicated public servant. A committee of judges and bar leaders selected him to receive our highest alumni honor, the Compleat Lawyer Medallion, not only because of his success, but equally because of his outstanding reputation for character and professionalism. I recently had a problem with a severe termite infestation of my home and the company made a very inadequate settlement offer. After several months of arguing back and forth, I became very frustrated. My next door neighbor recommended Mr. Kirchner. I contacted him and first of all, he offered me excellent advice as to how we should proceed. Based on this I retained him and in a very short period of time, he was able to negotiate a much improved settlement. Working with him and his staff was a pleasure and I highly recommend him. I have referred several people with various pending charges to Paul Thurmond of TKT for legal representation, and the clients have been very appreciative of his professionalism and excellent results. Chris Romeo exceeded my expectations when handling an auto accident case for me. He kept me informed, fought and negotiated for justice, and provided an acceptable outcome. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a qualified attorney with high character and integrity.

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Columbia County, Georgia Public Records Directory

Directory of court locations in Columbia County, Georgia. Search Columbia County Sheriff inmate records by name including primary charge and arrest date. View Columbia County Sheriff wanted persons or arrest warrants by name including charges. Search Columbia County property tax and assessment records by address, owner name, parcel number or legal description including sales search and GIS maps. Search Georgia deed record index for all Georgia counties since January 1, 1999 with paid subscription. Search Columbia County Sheriff accident report records by name, license number or date. Search Columbia County Sheriff accident, arrest, and incident report records. View Columbia County current bids by bid number including start date and end date. View Columbia County property tax records or pay property taxes online. View Columbia County information about business licenses including business license application. Search Columbia County inmate records by GDOC id, case number or name. View Columbia County information about UCC filings including online UCC filing. View Columbia County Public Libraries resources including genealogy records. Search Columbia County genealogy records such as cemeteries, death records, marriage records, obituaries, and more. Search Georgia death records by county and name or date range.

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Consequences of Refusing to Blow ▪ Charleston DUI Attorney

In South Carolina, if a person is arrested for driving under the influence, law enforcement can request that the subject provide a breath sample to measure blood alcohol content. Oftentimes, subjects refuse to provide a breath sample because they do not want to provide further evidence to the police, because they question the reliability of the machine, or for a number of other reasons. As a consequence of refusing to provide this breath sample, the subject’s driving privileges can be suspended for 6 months and the subject can be required to enroll in the Alcohol and Drug Safety Action Program before being issued a driver’s license. The driver can challenge these penalties by requesting an administrative hearing. Recently, one of our clients was facing a suspension for refusal to blow. The administrative hearing officer decided there would be no suspension because the arresting officer did not accurately advise the our client of the consequences of providing a breath sample or refusing to do so. In another case involving one of our clients, the South Carolina Court of Appeals determined that our client’s driving privileges could not be suspended because the police did not prove that the client had been properly advised of their rights to take the breath test or refuse it.

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