charleston sc dui lawyer News for August 13 2017

Leading Cause of Teen Deaths from a DUI Attorney Charleston SC. Automobile accidents are the leading cause of teen deaths in America states a DUI Attorney Charleston SC. Teens appear to trust and feel that they’re invincible and this together with the feeling of new private independence which comes with being a teen in today’s society regularly gets them in circumstances that are risky. A Myrtle Beach, SC DUI lawyer should be familiar with the area. DUI Attorney Mike Wells, has practiced in SC his entire career. He is very familiar with DUI laws in SC. If you’ve been arrested for a DUI then you may be facing steep fines or worse yet, jail time. Assuming you’ve been charged with driving under the influence in Myrtle Beach, SC then you’re probably wondering what you’re up against, your odds of beating the charge, and if retaining a DUI attorney will be of any value to you. Of course, if you’re convicted for a 2nd or 3rd DUI you could be facing higher fines and longer jail time penalties as well. While you may feel like there’s not much hope, a lot of things can go wrong during your DUI arrest. Things which can be used to minimize or even beat your DUI charge. A DUI attorney can examine the factors surrounding your case and uncover information and facts that can be used in your defense. SC DUI laws about breathalyzer tests can be complicated, so any person who is asked to take a breath test should ask to contact a local DUI attorney for legal advice immediately. It’s for all of these reasons that it is very important for you speak with a South Carolina DUI lawyer. We frequently assist clients with DUI and DUAC and reckless driving charges, in the Horry County.

Lawyer in North Charleston SC

Attorney Eric D. Saleme is a native of West Virginia and a graduate of West Virginia University, where he studied philosophy and political science. Following his undergraduate course work he moved to South Carolina where he worked in the food and beverage and hospitality industries. He subsequently enrolled in law school at the Charleston School of Law where he took advantage of the opportunities it presented by studying abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina one summer, doing multiple internships another, and accruing over 100 hours of pro bono help to the community, all while proceeding with his course work for graduation. After graduating law school and passing the bar exam Eric struck out a path for himself, striving to find a firm where he could reach a lot of people in need of help, and guide them through their legal matters. To accomplish his goal, he practiced in many different areas of the law, including criminal and DUI defense, immigration adjustments, real estate closings, contract and wage disputes, and personal injury litigation. Eric has also worked for a diversity of domestic and foreign clients utilizing his ability to reach the Latin-American community with his Spanish speaking fluency. It was with his past experiences and his future goals to help as many people as possible that he found himself at the Green Law Firm. As an associate of the firm Eric will diligently work to resolve your matter as beneficially and expediently as possible. Eric is husband to his beautiful wife Jenn, and a father of two.

DUI Bail & Bonds

Now that you’ve been arrested, your first concern is obvious – how do you get out of jail? Often you’ll have to pay money in the form of bail or a bond in order to get released. Here is a quick overview of the bail and bond process in DUI cases. Bail is a process through which an arrested suspect pays a set amount of money to obtain release from police custody, usually after booking. If the suspect fails to appear in court as scheduled, he or she will be subject to immediate arrest, and any bail amount paid will be forfeited. The bail amount for a DUI charge can be pre-determined through a “Bail schedule,” and you may be able to obtain your release by paying bail immediately after booking. If not, a judge may make a bail decision at a separate bail hearing or at the arraignment. Your DUI record and driving history; The seriousness of your DUI offense, in terms of injury to others; and/or. You can appeal a bail decision, but they are rarely changed or overturned. You may put up the full bail amount as set by the court, or a “Bond” may be posted in lieu of the full amount. A bond is a written guarantee that the full bail amount will be paid in the event that you fail to appear as promised. A bond is usually obtained through a bail bond agency that typically charges a fee in exchange for posting the bond. Bail bond agencies may also demand additional collateral before posting a bond, as the agency will be responsible for paying the full bail if the suspect “Jumps bail” and fails to appear as promised.

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