GORDON, DENNIS BLAINE Inmate GCSO17JBN000732: Gadsden County Jail in Quincy, FL

Bureau of Corrections The Bureau of Corrections Major has oversight over courtroom security, inmate custody and care, and transport. The Gadsden County Jail currently houses an average of 190 inmates with a capacity of 157 inmates. The day-to-day operations of the county jail is overseen by the Jail Administrator-Captain Henry Miller, Assistant Jail Administrator-Captain Vincent Crump and Jail Inspector-Lt. William Moore. The Bureau of Corrections has 42 total positions which are as follows: The Bureau of Corrections consists of 37 total funded positions and 5 unfunded positions. The Bureau of Corrections has 26 full time certified funded positions and 3 certified unfunded positions, 2 full time Tech positions, 9 full time civilian positions and 2 part-time positions.

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ResponsibilitiesThe Municipal Court Division is responsible for the management and proper administration of all facets of the City’s Municipal Court operations in support of the City’s Chief Municipal Judge and other municipal judges who serve the Municipal Court. Administrative support to the judicial arm of the court. Municipal Court judges and staff ensure citizens and users of the court receive efficient, fair and impartial justice, regardless of individual circumstances and background, in order to protect each citizen’s right to due process under the laws of our country and state.

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