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DUI Lawyer Charleston SC

DUI Lawyer Charleston SC If you need a Charleston DUI lawyer, then you are probably looking at hiring a lawyer or using a public defender. If you are accused of DUI in Charleston, SC, the first thing you need to do is to secure a Charleston DUI attorney. These are, most commonly, a criminal defense lawyer. Your DUI lawyer can be appointed by the state or county in which you were arrested, or you may be appointed a federal lawyer. The prosecution will present their case to the court to have you charged for DUI, and at that time, if you have a good DUI lawyer, you can contest the charge. If your lawyer is successful, you will never be charged. This is why it is so important to hire a DUI attorney as soon as you are arrested. With enough lead time to your court date, your DUI lawyer may be able to put together a case that will negate the evidence of the prosecution. When this happens, you will not be charged with DUI. The public defenders provided by the government, will not have time to be there on the spot, since they represent everybody. As a Charleston DUI lawyer, Dennis O’Neill has prosecuted, defended and presided over hundreds of DUI cases. The DUI Law in South Carolina is extremely strict and enforcement is at an all-time high. Being stopped for DUI can result in the administrative suspension of your driver’s license for refusing to take the breath test.

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Atlanta lawyer William C. Head has been a criminal defense attorney and personal injury lawyer for over 41 years. He is one of Georgia’s four ABA Board Certified DUI defense lawyers. The National College for DUI Defense oversees Board Certification for the ABA. Additionally, in 2003, the National College members named Bubba the nation’s top DUI lawyer. All three partners were named as Super Lawyers for 2017. The Georgia DUI Trial Practice Manual was first published in 1995, and is now co-authored with Frank T. Gomez. Best Lawyers in America has listed Bubba in their Directory since 2009. Twice, he was named by Best Lawyers as the Best DUI Lawyer in Atlanta, in 2012 and 2017. Super Lawyers has included Mr. Head in every publication, from 2004 to 2017. Cory Yager, partner of Mr. Head, has earned six straight Rising Star designations from Super Lawyers, in his first 10 years of practice. Partner Larry Kohn is also named as a Super Lawyer for 2017. For over half of his 41 years as a GACDL member, Mr. Head also has been a proud Life Member of the Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. Mr. Head has chaired half a dozen criminal defense lawyer seminars for GACDL over those many years, plus several DUI Boot Camp programs that were DUI-focused.

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