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Avoiding Police Checkpoints and DUI. Because you’ve had a few drinks, you think about if you’re safe to drive home. Next thing, an officer is pulling you over for avoiding police checkpoints and arrests you for DUI. Since this situation is fairly common, State v. Scott Eugene Williams. The South Carolina Highway Patrol set up a checkpoint at the bottom of a hill. As a result, Trooper Robertson saw the U-turn and pursued Williams. After going through field sobriety tests, the trooper charged Williams with DUI. During trial, Williams argued that the checkpoint was unConstitutional and that his U-turn was legal. Because the court found the checkpoint defective, the case turned on whether the U-turn was proper. On appeal, the circuit court agreed the invalid checkpoint voided the stop and arrest. The Court of Appeals reversed holding a checkpoint analysis only applies if stopped there. The U-turn did not matter because police only need reasonable suspicion to stop. Due to the suspicious circumstances, the stop and arrest Williams was proper. While most Charleston DUI lawyers will disagree with this case, it is the law. Police almost always think you are avoiding police checkpoints and chase you down.

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Arrested for a crime? Injured on the job? Involved in a car accident? Slipped and fell on ice? If you have been accused of a drug crime, sex crime or other crime, you need a lawyer. Drug Crimes- Including possession of narcotics, intent to sell, marijuana. Domestic Violence- Including violation of restraining orders, assault,. Theft Crimes – Including larceny, shoplifting, forgery, fake ID arrests, credit card. Traffic Violations – Such as reckless driving, talking or texting while driving, hit-. Homicide and Other Violent Crimes – Including assault, threatening, unlawful. Property Crimes – Including burglary, criminal trespassing, criminal mischief,. Other Crimes – Such as risk of injury to minors, breach of peace, resisting arrest,. Crimes, DCF investigations, failure to appear, school discipline such as. Crimes, criminal impersonation, probation and parole violations, and pardons or. In. addition to representing the victims of any type of workplace injury, including but not.

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