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As a seasoned DUI defense attorney in Charleston, South Carolina, Mr. Thurmond has handled a wide range of DUI charges and knows how to negotiate with prosecutors and law enforcement. At Thurmond Kirchner & Timbes, PA, our defense lawyers have experience defending clients accused of DUI or driving with an unlawful alcohol concentration in South Carolina. South Carolina DUI law is very specific and has many collateral consequences you may not fully understand. Our DUI attorneys ensure clients understand the prosecutorial system and the consequences of the options available if you are facing charges. A DUI charge can have a huge impact on your life and on those who depend on you. Call the law office of Thurmond, Kirchner & Timbes now to set up a consultation about your pending DUI or DUAC charges. Thurmond, Kirchner & Timbes have repeatedly managed cases where DUI charges have been dismissed or reduced due to our shrewd legal representation. If you have been charged with a DUI in South Carolina based on the results of a blood alcohol test you need an experienced criminal law attorney to ensure that your rights are protected. The legal blood alcohol content limit in South Carolina is.08%. However, if you are under the age of 21 the limit in our state is.02%. Or if you possess a CDL driver’s license the limit is.04%. Just because you are facing a DUI charge and had BAC results above the legal limit, that does not mean you are automatically guilty. Our experienced team of DUI attorneys can explore all available options to see if the test was administered incorrectly or if the results may have been misinterpreted. Pleading Guilty to a DUI. Sometimes a defendant may choose to plead guilty to the charges rather than go to trial. DUI stands for “Driving under the influence,” and is the most common drunk driving charge. Though all DUI charges are serious, some cases may have additional circumstances that could increase the penalties if convicted. TKT is prepared to represent individuals who have been accused of driving under the influence in all cases, including circumstances involving repeat offenders, reckless driving, minor children in the vehicle, or BAC of over 0.12%. The more complex your DUI case is, the more necessary it becomes for you to have competent legal representation. Administrative consequences for DUI. Most people may not realize this, but DUI charges involve much more than just the courtroom process.

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What you should do if you have been pulled over for DWI. A DUI or DWI can negatively affect your legal record, your professional life, and your finances. If you have recently received a DUI/DWI in Charleston County, SC, you should contact a qualified attorney as soon as possible. A Charleston, SC DUI Attorney knows the specific laws of your city, county, and state, and will be able to help you through the complicated legal process of adjudicating a DUI/DWI. Charleston, SC DWI Lawyers are also familiar with breathalyzer equipment, field sobriety tests, and the other procedures used to determine that you should receive a DUI/DWI and can appropriately address these in court. A Charleston, SC DUI Attorney can also explain the legal penalties you may face in connection with your DUI. An experienced attorney will help you navigate the court process so that you do not miss any court appearances or filing dates. It is important that you contact a Charleston, SC DWI Lawyer promptly to ensure a quick adjudication of your recent ticket. Assuming you are capable of being able to drive and being under the legal limit in Charleston County, SC are two completely different things. When you are pulled over and fail the sobriety test, you will be charged with DUI. At this point, you would be best served seeking the representation of a qualified Charleston, SC DUI Attorney. Being represented by a qualified Charleston, SC DUI Lawyer would be the one way to attain such a goal. Being charged of driving while intoxicated or DWI can cost the person his driving privileges, driver’s license or even put him to jail in Charleston County, SC. A Charleston, SC DUI lawyer can help the person face this kind of situation. It can be tough to a driver to be charged with DUI. If he has no background about DUI laws, the tougher it will be because he has no idea what is going on and what will happen to him. A Charleston, SC DUI attorney knows the truth of the matter. With a Charleston, SC DWI lawyer helping the client, he will be assured of the fact that his rights are protected and the trial will be fair. Contrary to what you may have initially have been led to believe, it is possible to successfully content a DUI charge. This is not the case at all provided you have the right Charleston, SC DUI Attorney handling your case. A Charleston, SC DWI Lawyer with the proper experience and insight can review the particulars of your case and make determinations on the merits of it.

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