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A DUI Lawyer in Westminster, will examine the facts of your case, as well as your personal and legal history to help build the strongest defense for your DUI in Westminster. Our team of DUI Lawyer in Westminster has handled thousands of cases combined. Then we will examine the Fiels Sobriety tests or FSTs, and determine what teh conditions of the tests were. Field Sobriety tests are not accurate because they do not really have a pass or fail indicator. The variety of field sobriety tests including the Horizontal Nystagmus test is measure using an officers hand and a flashlight. 

The officer is not a trained opthalmologist, nor does the officer administering the test have scientific instruments that are precise. Another field sobriety test is the walk and turn test. Many of our clients have medical issues that would make it impossible for them to take this kind of test anyway. If the facts of your case necessitate, we will work with a team of experts, blood splitting specialists, crime labs, witnesses and consultants to determine the best position for your DUI Defense in Westminster. Violation of mandatory 15 minute observation period prior to breath test administration: In California, the arresting officer must watch you for a minimum of 15 uninterrupted minutes prior to giving you the breathalyzer test. 

A rising blood alcohol level: It is scientific fact that alcohol llevel can rise during the time you were driving and the time you were tested. Most people are not aware that the Instruction Guide for field sobriety tests actually states that no one passes field sobriety tests. 

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Tacoma Criminal Lawyer

Cristine Beckwith is a Tacoma criminal lawyer who is dedicated to defending her clients. If you or a loved one has been arrested and needs the help of an experienced Criminal Defense, Domestic Violence, or DUI attorney, please contact Cristine any day of the week for a free consultation. An experienced Tacoma criminal lawyer should be consulted as soon as possible to protect your rights and defend you against further police actions or court orders. Below are a few examples of criminal charges with special considerations. A No Contact Order may be issued immediately and a violation is an additional criminal charge. 

Cristine has been a Tacoma DUI attorney and criminal lawyer since 2004. In order to provide her clients with the highest level of legal representation, she works exclusively with cases that relate to Criminal Defense, DUI defense, Domestic Violence defense, and Juvenile defense. Her experience working with Prosecutors and Judges in courts such as Tacoma, Seattle, Puyallup, Olympia, Federal Way, and Lakewood, WA can be valuable to your defense. Cristine believes in maintaining excellent communication with her clients, so that her clients are always aware of what is happening with their case. There is nothing easy about being charged with DUI, Domestic Violence, or any criminal wrongdoing. 

If Cristine represents you on your pending case, you can be assured that you have a fierce negotiator and an experienced Tacoma criminal attorney on your side. Cristine will not rest until every possible angle of your defense is fought and until the best possible outcome is reached. 

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Mike McKneely, Criminal Defense Lawyer

Regardless of your blood alcohol content, it’s normal to wonder whether there are any defenses to field sobriety tests. If a police officer suspects you have been drinking and driving, there is a specific DUI testing procedure an officer will follow. To perform the HGN test, the officer will ask you to follow a slow moving object, such as a pen, while only moving your eyes. If you’ve performed an HGN test and are concerned about its results or administration, call a DUI lawyer today. At Mike McKneely, Criminal Defense Lawyer, we can review the circumstances surrounding your test, and inform you of possible defenses to field sobriety tests if your case calls for them. 

Knowing possible defenses to field sobriety tests is important if you’ve performed and failed a walk and turn test. You may decline a field sobriety test without any legal consequences. If you refuse the field sobriety test, the officer may legally require you to undergo a chemical blood test to determine your BAC.Possible Defenses to Field Sobriety Tests. As a general rule, the officer is supposed to ask you whether there are any reasons you may be unable to perform the tests. If an officer stops you and has probable cause to believe you’re driving under the influence, they can administer and require you to take a breathalyzer test. 

Probable cause for DUI suspicion can include failing your field sobriety test or declining to take one. Incarceration if you’re convicted of a DUI. If you failed the field sobriety test but passed a breathalyzer test, your chances of avoiding a DUI are higher. 

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Tampa Criminal DUI Lawyers

After a DUI arrest, knowledgeable guidance and dedicated legal representation may be the edge you need to protect your rights and restore your driving privileges. At Parks & Braxton, PA, our Tampa DUI lawyers have more than 45 years of combined experience handling DUI cases. As former prosecutors, our attorneys are equipped with knowledge of DUI law from all sides of the courtroom. The abilitites and tenacity of our DUI defense team is unmatched. Whatever trouble you may be facing from your DUI charges, our experienced and trial-tested defense may be what you need to help you obtain a positive resolution. 

The consequences for DUI has the potential to terminate your driving privileges, pay sums of money in fines, or even spend time in jail or prison. The importance of retaining an experienced Tampa DUI Lawyer to obtain the best DUI defense possible. EXPERIENCED DUI LAWYERS IN TAMPA, FLORIDA. If you’re charged with a crime in Hillsborough, Hernando, Pinellas, Pasco, and Polk Counties an experienced Tampa DUI Lawyer can examine the charge and the evidence against you and let you know where you stand. Our seasoned lawyers at Parks and Braxton, PA will ensure that your rights are protected throughout the judicial process at the various Tampa Court Systems. 

Our experienced lawyers have represented thousands of clients facing DUI and Criminal Defense charges. Here are a few of the many benefits associated with hiring a reputable DUI Lawyer. GET A FREE DUI CASE CONSULTATION. Our DUI case consultations at Parks and Braxton, PA, are completely free of charge. 

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