Maryland DWI Laws & Penalties

Under Maryland law, DWI and DUI are not the same thing. A Maryland DWI is a lesser charge than a DUI. A DWI is charged in cases of impairment by alcohol at a level of.07 BAC or less. A DUI is charged in cases of impairment/intoxication if you are determined to have a BAC of.08 or higher. The State usually proceeds on a DWI if there is no breath result, or a breath result of.07 to.08. 

If there is a breath result of.08 or higher, the State usually proceeds on the DUI charge. We can help with MVA hearings as well as criminal DWI/drunk driving charges. A dangerous substance can be defined as any substance other than alcohol or most drugs that impairs your ability to operate on the road safely. In some cases, it could be non-prescription or prescription drugs that affects balance, coordination, or judgment while driving your car. JailTimeFines1stOffenseUp to 1 yearUp to $1,0002ndOffenseMinimum 5 days, up to 2.yearsUp to $2,0003rdOffenseMinimum 10 Days, up to.3 tearsUp to $3,000Ref: Maryland Code §21-902c.Driving While Impaired by a Dangerous Substance While Transporting a Minor. 

There are additional penalties for a DWI by Dangerous Substance conviction if you have a minor child in the car with you when charged. JailTimeFines1stOffenseUp to 1 yearUp to $1,0002ndOffenseMinimum 5 days, up to 2.yearsUp to $2,0003rdOffenseMinimum 10 Days, up to.3 tearsUp to $3,000Call For a Legal Consultation on Your Maryland Drunk Driving / DWI Charges. Call me at 452-4344 for my legal opinion on a defense of you Maryland DUI arrest. 

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Illinois DUI Law

Forget the debate for the moment about whether their very existence within a particular space on the map is a violation of the law – that’s not what this blog is about. Illinois has just passed a law that goes into effect later in 2013 which will provide the opportunity for undocumented or illegal immigrants to obtain valid driving privileges in Illinois. Regarding Illinois DUI law, an arrest for DUI while unlicensed is a felony. Not because the driver did something particularly nefarious or had greater criminal intent but simply because the driver, for whatever reason, does not have the State’s imprimatur via a piece of plastic saying they can drive. Whether a person just never bothered to get a license or because they were legally unable to obtain a license, it is a crime to drive without a driver’s license. 

Now there are different reasons one might not be able to obtain a license. Maybe your license was taken away for a good reason by the State. Rather than seeking out friends of a certain former Governor and Secretary of State of Illinois for help, you can now direct undocumented friends and family to an actual, honest to goodness legal way to get a license. A valid driver’s license creates a vested interest in keeping that license valid. Getting a valid driver’s license is going to require familiarity with the rules of the road, just like every other licensed driver. 

A valid driver’s license has an address and identifying information on it, and this kind will be electronically tied to facial recognition software to prevent fraud. A driver’s license is a government document which creates a government record. 

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Virginia DWI/DUI Lawyers » Tillotson & Martin » Statewide Practice

You should hire a lawyer who has the knowledge, skill and who truly cares about you and your case to give you the absolute best representation possible. We have defended DUI/DWI cases in over 100 cities and counties in Virginia. Remember we wrote the book for all lawyers in Virginia! Potential clients also ask about meeting with us in person when we are so far away. Loss of Your Driver’s License in Virginia after a DWI/DUI. 

Do not let a drinking and driving conviction affect the rest of your life. If your blood alcohol content is.08 percent or higher, or you refused to take a chemical test when asked by the officer, he can take your license at the scene. If this is your first offense, your license will be suspended for seven days. In most cases the judge will grant a restricted license on a first offense. Consequences of a DWI/DUI. 

There are many collateral consequences if you are convicted of a DWI/DUI. These include problems with employment, limitations on travel, increased insurance rates and so forth. Because of our expertise, no matter what happens we will guide you through your case and any ramifications that may occur because of a conviction. Michael C. Tillotson and Jeffrey C. 

Martin are the ones to choose when it comes to DWI/DUI defense in Virginia. Mr. Tillotson and Mr. Martin focus exclusively on DWI/DUI law, which is vitally important for a client who has been accused of driving while impaired. If you have any questions regarding your DWI/DUI case, don’t hesitate to call them today or complete their secure online form. 

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