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Complexity of the DUI CasesEach DUI case is different from the next, and regardless if you feel the case is being presented as a misdemeanor, you want to be in the court in case things change. If you are ever wondering does the court require you be present to enter a plea in your Chicago criminal case, start with asking your DUI attorney rather than friends or Google. Since a DUI is a criminal charge, a suspect or defendant will have the same rights as any other accused person. The state’s attorneys are responsible for presenting witnesses to testify against the defendant. For assistance in better understanding these rights contact a criminal defense attorney for a consultation. 

While a recording over the legal limit certainly qualifies as a DUI, your attorney has seen judges and other lawyers plea bargain cases down a few points so that it becomes a reckless driving case. The person is allowed to meet with their Chicago criminal attorney before the hearing takes place. If you are facing charges, you should consult a Chicago criminal defense attorney, who can do a professional job analyzing your case. Whether it’s a DUI, drug possession, theft, or some other criminal offense, we believe you have the right to a fair trial, with professional counsel. Our job as criminal attorneys is to not only get you the best outcome, but to protect your legal rights from overzealous prosecutors. 

If a person has a history of DUI arrests and other criminal charges, the odds that they will serve some jail time for their offenses starts to rise. Community service is actually the most common form of punishment for a DUI, and if a person is a first time offender with no criminal background this is probably going to be their punishment. 

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The DUI offence of excess blood alcohol or over 80 is usually proven by breath tests that determine blood alcohol concentration using and approved instrument such as a Breathalyzer 900 900A or Intoxilyzer 5000C. Blood tests are used in DUI cases where breath tests are not practical to provide evidence of blood alcohol concentration. Both Canadian DUI laws are federal criminal law offences. The Crown in Canada can prosecute a DUI in either of two ways. The Crown may prosecute a DUI offence by indictment or they may prosecute a DUI offence by summary conviction. 

Most Canadian DUI offences are prosecuted by summary conviction. The usual penalty for a first DUI offence in Canada is a fine. The minimum second DUI offence penalty is 30 days in jail. There is always a DUI driving prohibition and the local province will suspend a DUI offender’s driver’s licence. If a US citizen or other non-Canadian citizen is convicted of a DUI offence in the USA or a dui offence in any country other than Canada, the DUI offender will be inadmissible to Canada on grounds of criminality, unless rehabilitated, because the DUI offence is deemed to be a Canadian DUI offence and all Canadian DUI offences are deemed indictable unless the Crown has elected to proceed with the DUI offence by summary conviction (which will never have happened because the DUI offense occurred outside Canada. 

The situation will be different if the DUI offence occurs in Canada and the Crown elects to proceed by summary conviction which they normally do. Click the banner for more Canadian DUI laws information. DUI LAWS, D.U.I. Laws, or driving under the influence laws is an important concept used in the United States. 

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