Augusta GA Lawyer: Criminal Defense, Divorce, and Family Law

Aggressive Trial Attorney PJ Campanaro is an experienced trial attorney that handles cases in Georgia and South Carolina. PJ Campanaro handles the following cases: Personal Injury, Truck and Car Accidents, DUI, ALS hearings, felony and misdemeanor criminal cases, divorces, military divorce, child custody, adoptions, child visitation, criminal defense, and child support. Ms. Campanaro also served as a Staff Attorney for the State of Tennessee dealing exclusively with Drug Forfeiture Cases. As the Chief Assistant Solicitor General, Ms. 

Campanaro had the opportunity to prosecute thousands of cases, many of which ended in a jury trial. Ms. Campanaro had a 100% success rate on her DUI jury trials in Richmond County and can bring that expertise and hard hitting trial experience to your case. As a former attorney for the state of Georgia, Ms. Campanaro knows exactly how to examine your case and determine what evidence the state may have missed-evidence that you are innocent. 

PJ pursued her law degree at Cumberland School of Law in Birmingham, Alabama and continued her Mock Trial success making it to the championship round of the Mock Trial Competition in only her second year of law school. PJ received an opportunity to work as a law clerk on a major criminal case involving a serial killer in Knoxville, Tennessee and finished out her legal studies while working daily on the Zoo Man case. PJ has taken hundreds of cases to trial and had 100% conviction rate on her DUI cases in Richmond County. PJ has the trial experience needed to pursue your case to trial if that is what is needed. PJ also knows how to fight for what is needed in your personal injury case. 

She received an award for her work with victim’s in cases and has the sensitivity coupled with toughness to get the compensation that victim’s deserve. 

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Top Rated Criminal Defense Attorney In Killeen, Bell County, Texas

If you are dealing with high tension and confusion because of false criminal charges, consisting of: dui and dwi, , juvenile law, intoxicated assault, murder, homicide, sexual. Despite the charges filed against you, F. Edward Brown, a Bell County, Texas citizen accused top rated defense attorney, has the court experience and legal understanding to secure your legal rights. If you have been implicated of a criminal activity and dealing with the possibility of going to prison, you currently appreciate the severity of your circumstance. When confronted with a severe criminal charge, you ought to get in touch with a defense attorney who will certainly treat your case seriously. 

F. Edward Brown is a Bell County Criminal Justice Lawyer who appreciates exactly what hangs in the balance for you and your household. You require a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer who will certainly treat your case with the severity it should have. I have an intimate understanding of criminal laws and state and federal constitutions and will offer you with the most current cutting-edge legal tactics for your case. There are over 10,000 knows legal traps waiting for you if talk during investigation and many more unknown states, federal, administrative and foreign laws according to law professor. 

Do not simply accept a guilty plea; get the very best legal counsel possible with the aid of Criminal Defense Lawyer, F. Edward Brown at 254-634-2587. You require a skilled criminal defense lawyer who will treat your case with the severity it deserves. I have an intimate understanding of criminal laws and state and federal constitutions and will provide you with the top legal technique for your case. If your case is not triable, I will work out a plea that might results in your charge being reduced or getting a very light sentencing. 

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The Difference Between DWI/DUI Criminal and Civil Penalties

Whereas criminal law is often discussed, it is also important to understand that an individual who drives while impaired may face not only criminal charges and penalties but civil ones as well. While the state is responsible for filing criminal charges against the impaired driver for the criminal offense of DWI/DUI, the accident’s victim may also seek damages against the impaired motorist if that motorist caused the accident in question. In a criminal case, the alleged wrong is against society and the state/city/county prosecutor brings charges against the defendant. In civil cases, the wronged party/victim files the case. Under the Sixth and Fourteenth Amendments of the U.S. 

Constitution, a criminal defendant has the right to an attorney and, if s/he cannot afford one, the state must provide one. Further, criminal defendants enjoy other rights not afforded to civil defendants such as protection against unreasonable searches and seizures. In criminal proceedings, the motorist can be charged, tried, convicted, and sentenced pursuant to state law. Whereas criminal cases require the prosecutor to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a crime occurred and that the defendant was responsible, in a civil case the plaintiff’s attorney need only prove the defendant’s liability and responsibility by a preponderance of the evidence. Second-Degree DWI is also a gross misdemeanor with the same penalties as above. 

Criminal vehicular homicide-a fatal alcohol-related accident-carries a penalty of up to ten years in prison and a $20,000 fine. Criminal charges also carry administrative penalties which are separate from any civil lawsuit. If you unfortunately find yourself in such a situation, seek the representation of an experienced and well trained DWI attorney in order to provide you the best DWI defense of your case. 

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