DUI Lawyer in Los Angeles

After you are arrested for a DUI in Los Angeles, the police officer will prepare a report and will forward to the appropriate Los Angeles County prosecuting agency. Depending on where the DUI offense occurred, and other factors that can include whether there was an auto accident with injuries, your DUI case will be prosecuted by either the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office or the City Attorney’s Office. An experienced Los Angeles DUI lawyer from our office may be able to negotiate a favorable plea bargain without going to trial. A first time DUI offense is a misdemeanor crime in Los Angeles County and less serious than a repeat offense, Under California law, there are separate legal penalties for a first DUI offense, second DUI, and third or more DUI’s. The most common type of Los Angeles DUI charges include: driving with a blood alcohol concentration of.08% or above; refusing a chemical test – blood or breath test; car accidents caused by driving under the influence; DUI of drugs, including prescription drugs; under 21 drinking and driving. 

Make sure that which ever Los Angeles DUI lawyer you are considering hiring actually still practices DUI defense. Los Angeles County DUI cases are politically charged and the police, prosecutors and judges are not just going to dismiss the case because a DUI defense attorney says so. The penalties for a DUI can be harsh and our Los Angeles DUI attorneys will do everything we can to minimize any penalties that may be imposed. Our top-ranked Los Angeles DUI attorneys routinely achieve outstanding case results for clients facing any type of DUI charges. For any Los Angeles DUI lawyer, knowing the law and how to argue it is crucial in any DUI case. 

There are only a few courts in the downtown Los Angeles area that are handling a huge volume of DUI cases in Los Angeles. If you recall, Rodney King was pulled over for a DUI in Los Angeles and shortly thereafter, one of the biggest riots any city has seen ensued in downtown Los Angeles streets. 

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DUI Manslaughter Penalties

No ever intentionally commits intoxication manslaughter in the state of Texas. If you are driving under the influence and end up committing intoxication manslaughter and killing someone, then those consequences can be much more severe. Either way, it is absolutely critical that you have a thorough understanding of the intoxication manslaughter sentence in Texas. In Texas, intoxication manslaughter is a charge that an individual receives when they are believed to have caused a fatal auto accident while they were driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs when the crash occurred. Before moving onto to intoxication manslaughter penalties in the state of Texas, we want to first establish what the key differences are between homicide and manslaughter cases in a court of law. 

In an intoxication manslaughter case, the criminal negligence would be driving while intoxicated, which would make the death a crime no matter what your intent was. Intoxication manslaughter sentences, of course, are a lot more severe compared to a regular DUI or DWI. Intoxication manslaughter in Texas is a second-degree felony. In addition to jail time and fines, Texas law requires any individual who is convicted of the felony of intoxication manslaughter to serve a minimum of 240 hours worth of community service and also provides for the possibility of another 800 hours at the discretion of the state. If you have the right assistance, you might be able to beat your intoxication manslaughter charge. 

In order to beat an intoxication manslaughter charge in the state of Texas, one of the most critical aspects is to prove that you driving while intoxicated wasn’t directly responsible for the individual’s death. The prosecution in Texas is required to prove you actually were intoxicated when the accident occurred to convict you successfully on an intoxication manslaughter charge. The reason why I know that is due to having used that approach myself in my largest case ever to beat four intoxication manslaughter counts. 

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Matthew J. Ruff, Top Redondo Beach DUI Attorney, Torrance DUI Lawyer

Matthew is a NATIONALLY RECOGNIZED TOP TIER DUI LAWYER with the highest success rate. Cases of the Week: Matthew got a NOT GUILTY verdict on a DUI case in San Fernando this week. In another noteworthy case, Matt was hired by a Redondo Beach resident who was found inside his car, near a bar, intoxicated at 2 am with the engine running and lights on. Matthew took the case because he believed the client was not guilty of DUI because he never drove the vehicle after drinking. Attorney Ruff knows all of the ways the cops, labs and prosecutors cheat in drunk driving cases is what sets Matt apart from most lawyers. 

Matthew has defended well over 4000 DUI and Criminal cases with 23 years experience fighting driving under the influence charges for his clients. Matthew Ruff can answer your questions about DUI law and the potential consequences one may face. You have come to the right place to get the important legal information you need to know about CA driving while intoxicated Law and appearing in Court for your DUI. View Matthew Ruff’s client reviews on AVVO. Contact DUI Attorney Matthew Ruff now, toll free at 1-877-213-4453. 

If you were visiting Southern California and were cited for a DUI in Los Angeles, Redondo Beach, Torrance, Hermosa Beach, Bakersfield, Kern County, Manhattan Beach or traveling the beautiful central coast and stopped in Grover Beach or San Luis Obispo, we can represent you from start to finish and you may never need to return to go to Court. These cases have unique defenses that can result in a dismissal of the charges in Court and consequently the DMV. For example, recently Mr. Ruff got the case dismissed for a Palos Verdes Estates youth arrested in El Segundo. As a seasoned Torrance DUI Defense Attorney Matthew endorses the policy that no one should knowingly drive with any measurable amount of alcohol in a person’s bloodstream. 

If you or someone you care about is facing a DUI charge, contact the DUI Attorney who fights for his clients. 

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