Criminal Defense & DUI Lawyer in Birmingham, AL

Jefferson County Alabama criminal lawyer Mark Polson has 44 years of courtroom experience in criminal defense, DUI and DWI defense Whitney Polson, his son, practices the same areas of law: DUI and DWI, plus any alcohol and drug-related charges. Birmingham DUI lawyers Mark Polson and Whitney Polson know how badly a DUI/DWI and other criminal charges) can affect all aspects of your life. Super Lawyers has acknowledged Birmingham DUI lawyer Mark Polson for 10 years based on his excellent DUI defense in Alabama. Auburn University graduate Whitney Polson will proudly handle your case regardless of the type of charge: misdemeanor DUIs, felony DUIs, juvenile criminal, misdemeanor criminal or felony criminal charges-1st offense, 2nd offense, 3rd offense and traffic violations. Give yourself some piece of mind and call us to see how our DUI defense law firm works. 

Based on legal industry lawyer ratings, Birmingham DUI lawyer Mark Polson has been recognized by Super Lawyers for nearly 10 straight years for his work in DUI defense and in Alabama criminal trial practice. Attorney Polson’s 44 years of successful DUI defenses as a Jefferson County criminal lawyer has placed the Alabama DUI attorney at the top of most lists of Alabama Best Lawyers, based on quality of legal services performed, as a Birmingham DUI attorney. This book on Alabama DUI laws was the first book written by the DUI attorney, Birmingham AL. With criminal law as the mainstay of their law firm, driving under the influence cases have made them regionally and nationally famous for defending citizens accused of drunk driving in the state of Alabama. Their legal advice has guided thousands of people accused of DUI Alabama, to a DUI dismissal or reduction of charges. 

The Polson & Polson Law Firm has made these legal books available to other criminal defense attorneys in Alabama to use, to help them know how to fight a DUI case in the state of Alabama. For DUI law Alabama, no other DUI defense attorneys in the state have done more to educate both the DUI lawyer and the client facing criminal prosecution in Alabama. Whitney Polson’s new drunk driving book from 2016 on Alabama DUI law is icing on the cake for the Polson & Polson criminal law firm in Birmingham Alabama. 

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The Law Office of James E. Novak

A formal training in engineering has provided James E. Novak with a deep understanding of technical issues related to criminal cases, including crime scene investigation, crime lab testing, accident reconstruction, and other areas. A Masters of Business Administration provides him with a greater understanding of the nuance behind white collar crimes, such as fraud, embezzlement, employment crime, and other business-related crimes. If you are facing a misdemeanor or felony charge for theft, assault and violent crimes, theft crimes, domestic violence, sex crimes, marijuana crimes, or drug crimes in the East Valley area, contact The Law Office of James E. Novak. 

The Law Office of James E. Novak values transparency and open-communication. This underscores just how seriously the Arizona state legislature and law enforcement officers take the crime of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Because the Law Office of James E. Novak focuses exclusively on criminal cases, you can be confident that your case is getting the attention it needs from a trial veteran. 

This includes proactive representation in cases of theft, juvenile crimes, property crime, sex crime, domestic violence, white collar crime, assault and violent crimes, violation of probation, and gun crimes. Even in cases of marijuana possession and other drug crimes, there are many details that can be used to build a strong defense. The Law Office of James E. Novak represents clients from all walks of life, allowing James E. Novak to uphold the rights of East Valley residents and secure a fairer future for members of the community facing a felony or misdemeanor in Maricopa County. 

Crime has gone down considerably in the past few years, particularly in assault and violent crime, though kidnapping and theft crime in Phoenix is still a concern. An arrest for an alleged crime, including assault, theft, juvenile crimes, sex crimes or domestic violence in Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale, Gilbert or other Maricopa County areas should not be taken lightly. Take the important first step towards combating the charges you face and putting your life back on track by contacting the Law Office of James E. Novak today. 

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Attorney County Defense DUI Orange

Nearly every DUI attorney in the State of California has this book on their shelves as a reference for defending their own clients. Barry T. Simons is a nationally recognized expert in the area of DUI Defense and has spent over 40 years defending those charged with DUI in the Courts of Orange County’s, the Courts of Appeal, the California Supreme Court, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court. Mr. Simons is a Founding Member, Fellow and former Dean of the National College for DUI Defense and is one of only a handful of DUI attorneys in the State of California to hold Board Certification in DUI Defense. 

Mr. Simons was selected as a Superlawyer in DUI Defense for the Southern California Region and was listed as a top rated DUI Lawyer by OC Metro Magazine. Mr. Simons is also rated 10.0/10.0 in DUI Defense from the AVVO Lawyer rating service. Mr. 

Simons leads a team of dedicated DUI defense lawyers and paralegals who have litigated thousands of DUI cases in Orange County and the regional DMV Driver Safety Offices. Each of the lawyers have taught and written extensively on the law and the science of DUI and collectively represent the most respected and recognized leaders in DUI Defense. The team of dedicated DUI lawyers is made up of four lawyers: Barry Simons, Alan Castillo, Marlo Cordero and Peter Iocona, each specially trained in DUI defense and each are contributing editors to the treatise. He is the co-author of a two-volume treatise, California Drunk Driving Law, which has long been considered the Bible in California DUI defense law. Mr. 

Burglin is a Regent and frequent lecturer with the National College for DUI Defense and keeps abreast of the ever-changing technology used in chemical testing and forensics. Mr. Burglin is one of only a select few of DUI defense attorneys in the United States to have been accepted to attend the University of Indiana’s Borkenstein Course on chemical testing and scientific protocols offered to prosecution experts, and he is a certified graduate of that program. Mr. Burglin is rated 10.0/10.0 in DUI Defense from the AVVO Lawyer rating service. 

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