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Practice areas encompass domestic violence, DUI and traffic violations, drug crimes, evading…. Law Firm’s Overview Videos. Kraut Law Group is a Los Angeles, California-based criminal defense firm serving clients throughout the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area including Long Beach, Glendale, Beverly Hills, Burbank, Pasadena, and the surrounding communities throughout Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino,…. Law Firm’s Overview Articles. Practice areas include DUI and driving offenses, assault and battery, drug charges, domestic violence and violation of restraining…. 

Law Firm’s Overview Free Consultation. The Law Office of Leonard Matsuk is a criminal defense law firm in Long Beach, California that represents clients throughout the area in criminal charges of all kinds. The Goldbach Law Group specializes in representing clients in the Los Angeles and Long Beach areas for Bankruptcy and Employment law matters. The attorneys at Augustin Egelsee have more than 20 years of combined legal experience representing children…. Chahine Law Firm Pasadena, CA – Law Firm near Whittier Southern California Personal Injury Attorneys 950-7755. 

The Chahine Law Firm is an experienced, dedicated law firm that handles cases throughout all of Southern California, including Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino and Orange Counties. Having trust ensures the best possible outcome and dispels the need…. David J. Givot, Attorney at Law Long Beach, CA – Law Firm near Whittier Long Beach DUI Attorney 206-2012. Clients of the Law Offices of David J. 

Givot get more than just representation, they receive guidance, comfort, and the support they need to fight DUI charges. The law firm of Falangetti & Weimortz provides dynamic and state of the art representation for nearly three decades of criminal law experience. The firm is an elite criminal defense team representing clients in Superior Courts throughout Southern California including all of Los Angeles County, the…. Floyd, Skeren & Kelly, LLP Pasadena, CA – Law Firm near Whittier DUI Lawyer 877 MR-CA-DUI. Floyd, Skeren & Kelly, LLP was established in 1987 as an advocate for criminal defense. 

Since its inception more than 20 years ago, the firm has acquired a team of qualified professionals that have established themselves as superior legal defenders, particularly in the areas of DUI and BUI. Driving…. Hutton & Khalaf Pasadena, CA – Law Firm near Whittier DUI Attorney in Pasadena, California 397-9700. 

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There are certain exceptions to the shield provided by the Fourth Amendment, one of which is the automobile exception. Under the automobile exception, a police officer may search an automobile without a warrant as long as he or she has probable cause to believe there is evidence or contraband in the vehicle. While the automobile exception limits the protections provided by the Fourth Amendment, it is important to know the scope of authority police officers are afforded by the exception. If the automobile exception was unjustly applied to obtain evidence in your Illinois DUI case, you may be able to prevent the evidence from being used against you. Recently, in Collins v. 

Virginia, the United States Supreme Court held that the automobile exception to the Fourth Amendment does not permit a warrantless entry of the curtilage of a home, and in doing so specifically declined to extend the exception to allow searches outside of the automobile itself. On further appeal, the State Supreme Court affirmed the trial court ruling on different grounds, holding that the officer was permitted to conduct the warrantless search by the automobile exception. In ruling on the case, the Court noted that officers may search an automobile without a warrant as long as they have probable cause, but it declined to expand the scope of the automobile exception. The Court explained curtilage, which is defined as the area surrounding and associated with a house, is thought of as part of the house for purposes of the Fourth Amendment, and, as such, a search of the curtilage constitutes a Fourth Amendment search and is unreasonable without a warrant. The Court rejected Virginia’s argument that the automobile exception permitted a warrantless search of an automobile at any time, in any place, stating that to rule otherwise would defeat the Fourth Amendment protection that extends to a house and its curtilage, ultimately creating a much broader exception than was intended. 

The Court held that, contrary to the argument set forth by Virginia, the automobile exception does not afford officers the right to search any space outside of the automobile. The Court further noted that allowing warrantless searches of vehicles parked in the curtilage violated both the sanctity of the curtilage and the Fourth Amendment interest in the vehicle. Lastly, the Court declined to adopt Virginia’s reasoning that the automobile exception should allow warrantless searches of the curtilage only, and not the house associated with the curtilage, noting this would lead to both confusion and diminished protection for individuals who could not afford built-in garages. 

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Pennsylvania DUI Laws & Penalties

Losing your license, spending time in jail and paying hefty fines are just a few punishments you face when charged with a DUI in Pennsylvania. This web page explains the laws, penalties and sentencing a person faces if they have been arrested for DUI in Pennsylvania. If you have not been convicted you still have a fighting chance to beat your DUI or have your sentencing reduced. It is advisable to speak directly to an experienced Pittsburgh DUI attorney if you have been charged with a DUI. A recent U.S. 

Supreme Court Ruling – The Birchfield Ruling – could actually mean that a past DUI conviction could be overturned or the sentencing could be drastically reduced, depending on the specifics of your case. If you would like more specific information regarding your DUI case, Pittsburgh DUI Attorney Christopher Thomas is available to provide you with a FREE legal consultation: 412-765-3345. 412-765-3345.DUI – THE PENALTIES IN PENNSYLVANIABAC LEVELS, FINES, JAIL TIME & SENTENCING. Your BAC level, or blood alcohol content level, at the time of arrest plays a large factor in how you could be sentenced upon conviction, including how much time you will spend in jail, the amount of the fine, for how long you will lose your license and whether you will have a misdemeanor DUI or a felony DUI on your record. There are three tiers of blood alcohol content levels that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania uses as a general guideline for sentencing DUI convictions. Minors or underage drinkers are punishable under High Level BAC.If you are charged with DUI of a commercial vehicle or school vehicle, you are punishable under High Level BAC.If you are charged with a DUI Accident or and Accident with Injuries, you are punishable under High Level BAC.By refusing a blood test you will automatically be punishable under the highest BAC.An arrest for DUI Controlled Substance is punishable under the highest BAC. 

Punishments under the BAC Levels depend on whether it was a first offense DUI, second offense, or if you have had multiple DUIs. Please see the Pennsylvania DUI Sentencing Guideline PDF for information on multiple DUIs and other types of DUI Sentencing. Even though Pennsylvania has some tough guidelines for sentencing a DUI conviction, no case is ever hopeless. Each circumstance is unique and that is why an experienced DUI attorney can be of great value throughout the process. Our DUI attorneys believe that people are inherently good. 

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