Los Angeles DUI Defense Attorneys

Our highly-rated Los Angeles DUI attorneys and staff are prepared to guide you through this ordeal. Although nationally-recognized for its experience and expertise, the firm never loses sight of the need for personal attention to the client. We invite you to read some of the many grateful letters we’ve received from our valued clients and to review the experience and qualifications of our staff of highly-qualified DUI defense attorneys.

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Affordable Seattle DUI Lawyers, WA

SitemapThe information provided in this website is not, and should not be construed as, legal advice. Obtaining information from this website does not establish an attorney-client relationship. If you have been investigated or charged with a DUI or another crime,or if you feel that the information provided in this website may apply to you, you should consult an attorney, or contact the Law Offices of Raymond Ejarque directly.

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DUI / DWI Attorney, Law Firm Directory

If you’ve been arrested for DUI, DWI, or another drunk driving offense, you may lose your license, pay hefty fines, or face jail time. A DUI – DWI attorney may challenge aspects of a DUI – DWI charge, including breathalyzer results, blood tests, and chemical testing procedures. Use FindLaw to hire a local DUI – DWI attorney to defend you at each stage of a DUI-DWI case – from arrest to an appeal after conviction.

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Massachusetts DUI DWI OUI Drunk Driving Defense Attorney in Boston

Your case is going to be prosecuted by an Assistant District Attorney. As a former Assistant District Attorney himself, Attorney Higgins knows how the prosecution plans on attacking your case, what strategies they are going to employ, and most importantly, the weaknesses in the case they have against you. Attorney Higgins’ experience in both prosecuting and defending OUI cases gives you an advantage at trial.

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Speeding Ticket Attorney

FREE SERVICE. NO HIDDEN CHARGES. CONFIDENTIAL.Ticket Void is a web service that can help you find an experienced lawyer for Driving Under the Influence, Driving While Intoxicated, speeding tickets, careless driving, license plate violations and other serious traffic violations. Ticket Void expedites your legal search for experienced and reliable DUI and traffic ticket lawyers.

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Learn About The Penalties For DUI Charges

Getting a DUI is expensive, not just with posting bail and paying legal fees, but also in other areas like maintaining insurance or even taking time off your job to fulfill your sentence. While the national average cost of DUI is around $10,000, it can often be much higher or lower depending on where you live. Use the map below to select your state and see the average costs associated with a DUI near you.

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DUI Laws and Penalties By State

Even though all the states consider it a crime to drive with a Blood Alcohol Content of.08 or greater, each state has its own DUI and DWI laws regarding penalties and procedures. In certain states, it is possible to be convicted of DUI or a related charge with a lower BAC than.08. In many states, you can even still be convicted of a DUI even if you refused to take a breathalyzer test.

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The Spokane DUI Lawyer

DUI and other Criminal charges are so potentially serious that you have a right to an attorney to help you even if you cannot afford one. Josh Maurer is a Spokane DUI and criminal defense attorney who will fight for you and help to make sure your rights are protected. Call to speak with an attorney who emphasizes criminal defense work. I will explain your rights and help you understand your situation.

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DUI Lawyer in Montgomery County, PA

Just because you were charged with a DUI does not mean you face an inevitable license suspension, conviction, or jail time. Attorney David McKenzie is a former prosecutor who will fight to help you keep your license, stay out of jail, and keep the DUI off your record. For our efforts, the McKenzie Law Firm, P.C. has received numerous distinctions from our clients and peers.

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DUI Laws & DWI Laws

Per se laws pertaining to driving while under the influence of alcohol establish the precedent that if an individual’s blood… more. If you have been arrested due to a Driving Under the Influence or Driving While Intoxicated charge… more. Pleading Guilty to DUI. In your arraignment, you will have to choose to plead either guilty, not guilty, or no contest.

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DWI / DUI Defense Lawyer in Houston

The court process is difficult to navigate without help, and a misstep can cost you thousands of dollars, your driver’s license, and your freedom. Call a Houston DWI lawyer immediately to explore your options and start building your defense. You’ll want a lawyer with a solid track record of getting not guilty verdicts and dismissed and reduced charges for his clients, as well as experience.

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The Chicago DUI Law Blog

Chances are, if you’ve been convicted of a DUI in Illinois, you will need to know about ignition interlock. Once installed, the driver must then blow into the device every time she wants to start her car. If the system registers her breath with no alcohol detected, then the engine will start. If there is any alcohol detected over approximately 0.00% then the engine won’t start.

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