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Cornett Law Office’s practice areas include DUI and criminal defense, personal injury and worker’s compensation, filing for Social Security Disability claims, supplementary security income, alcohol intoxication, and more. Our DUI law firm can help you determine the right approach to get results for your case. If you or a loved one is in need of legal assistance, our experienced attorney will help you every step of the way. For years, John and Robert Cornett have helped clients face different situations requiring legal attention. With our extensive experience and knowledge in different legal fields, you can get the peace of mind that your defense is in the right hands. We work with your best interests in mind and protect your rights throughout the legal process. Our attorneys will also guide you throughout any legal proceedings and discuss your options. With our guidance, you won’t feel alone during your time of legal need. Our attorneys, John E. Cornett and Robert H. Cornett, both practice law from our Georgetown location. Contact us at 868-5300 for a free legal consultation with one of our attorneys.

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Omaha and Sarpy County DUI Lawyer

If you or a loved one has been arrested for an Omaha DUI or Sarpy County drunk driving offense, you need experienced help to get through the process and make sure all your rights are protected. You have to make a decision about how to handle your Nebraska DUI matter. Public Defender – This is where the State appoints a lawyer to handle your case. Private Attorney – This is where you find an Omaha DUI attorney on your own, pay him or her to handle your case from the beginning to end. If I can’t improve your license or DUI situation, I won’t take the case. In some cases, one can handle the matter alone and experience a good resolution to the matter. As a result, I obviously get requests from visitors to handle their Nebraska DUI case. As you explore my website, you’ll get a strong sense for how I handle a case, why I choose to fight for people and what I can do for you. My goal is to give you information about Omaha and Sarpy County DUI cases and that your questions are answered. Read through my website, make notes about new questions that arise and then make a decision about the best way for your case to be handled.

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Criminal Defense Attorney Brevard County

WELCOME TO GUTIN & WOLVERTON. Brevard County criminal defense lawyers Gutin & Wolverton, located in Cocoa, Florida, provide criminal defense throughout Brevard. Our firm is actively engaged in three principal areas of law: Criminal Law, DUI, Personal Injury and Family Law. Criminal charges can be a threat to your job, your family, and your freedom. This is why the criminal defense attorneys of Gutin &Wolverton go out of their way to fiercely defend the rights of the accused. If you have been arrested or indicted for any criminal charge. Family law situations can be a major source of stress in your life, regardless of what area of family law you may have an issue with. At Gutin & Wolverton, we understand that each client’s family law issues are individually unique. Involved in a family law dispute, we’ll work together to determine which approach would work best for you and your family. For a free consultation with one of our attorneys at Gutin & Wolverton, call 321-633-7337 or contact us online. Our criminal defense attorneys, Harley Gutin and Stephen Wolverton, are experienced, aggressive trial lawyers.

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DUI Motion Bank

DUI trials occur more frequently in jurisdictions that permit a bench trial for DUI’s and other misdemeanors. Any type of trial for a DUI case is the exception and not the rule. The primary goal of a DUI attorney is to have your case dismissed without a trial. A quality DUI attorney is not going to wait for a lucky break. The chance of the case being dismissed increases if the state loses the motion to suppress. 2) MOTIONS IN LIMINE-this type of motion seeks to exclude evidence or limit the use of evidence during trial due to an issue with the rules of evidence. In order to prevail in pretrial motions, or in trial, your DUI attorney needs to know the relevant issues and current case law concerning DUI. This site is intended to be a guide to assist in preparing for pretrial DUI motions and DUI trials. This website is provided as a service by Fort Lauderdale DUI Attorney, Michael A. Dye. The documents contained in this motion bank are submitted by practicing attorneys. Every single attorney who has submitted materials to the site has stated that they would not represent themselves in a DUI case.

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Criminal Defense Attorney

Who you select as your attorney is crucial to your case. Scott Anderson understands that there are a lot of emotions that will be pouring out. Brooklyn Park attorney Scott Anderson has over 30 years experience practicing criminal defense and DUI law. Scott Anderson has successfully handled thousands of criminal cases and over 2,500 DUI cases. Scott Anderson has earned a reputation as an aggressive, result-oriented attorney. Scott strives to provide the highest quality legal representation while recognizing the need for a practical approach to litigation. Scott L. Anderson understands how to work within the justice system and use its rules and procedures for your best advantage. Scott understands how relationships dictate the ability to reach timely and successful resolutions. Brooklyn Park attorney, Scott L. Anderson, provides frank and complete evaluations of every issue and knows how to obtain the best outcome on your behalf. At 763-422-8664 to schedule your Free Phone Consultation with an experienced attorney, or e-mail him, or fill out the free consultation form on the Contact Scott page.

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