Orange County DUI Attorney

The Law Offices of Chad Maddox specializes in DUI for Orange County and all of California. We have been exclusively practicing DUI and DMV law for over 16 years, and hold the upper hand over any other criminal attorney in Orange County. Chad Maddox has proven himself to be one of the best DUI attorneys in California and has earned the respect and referrals of his peers, by achieving countless DUI & DMV victories. Without a DUI attorney to represent you, it is next to impossible to win a DMV APS Hearing. That’s why you want a DUI specialist, who fully understands what evidence can help or hinder your DMV Hearing, and which evidence brought forth at a DMV hearing can have positive or negative affects on the rest of your pre-trial and DUI trial. At the DUI Law Offices of Chad Maddox the DMV hearing is always included in my pre-trial fees, and is used as an important aspect of any DUI defense. Filing and fighting a Writ of Mandate is no easy task, yet DUI Attorney Chad Maddox specializes in them; When clients decide to go through with a Writ of Mandate against the DMV, most other attorneys will refer their clients to an attorney who is experienced at winning these Writs. When searching for a Orange County DUI attorney, track record and experience should not be overlooked. We understand the intricacies of a DUI arrest, the DUI court process, and DMV APS Hearings. For the last 13 years, DUI Attorney Chad Maddox has only represented clients facing DUIs.

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San Diego DUI Defense Lawyer

The biggest advantage of hiring a DUI attorney is that they fully understand the necessary legal proceedings involved with DUI. And with DUI laws varying from state to state and county to county, having a DUI attorney who understands regulations in San Diego is important to ensuring you get the best advice possible. There are several advantages to hiring a San Diego DUI defense attorney. DUI lawyers in San Diego know the exact requirements for blood draws, field sobriety tests, breath tests and much more. A San Diego DUI defense attorney can also help you financially in the long run. Based on specific events and circumstances, your DUI lawyer can make negotiations or settlements and prepare for trial in a manner that will benefit you in the best way possible. DUI defense attorney has an entire team of staff members that can delegate work and important strategies to better represent you in court. Most of all, having a DUI defense lawyer who understands the legal realms of San Diego DUI laws can provide you with both moral and emotional support throughout your case proceedings. As mentioned above, you have 10 days to request a DMV hearing after being arrested for a DUI in San Diego. DUI Defense Attorney Bradley R. Corbett treats every case as if it is his own and works tirelessly to get his clients the best results possible. Recommended by dozens of attorneys around the San Diego area, Corbett is your go-to DUI defense attorney.

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NH Aggravated DUI Laws, and ALS Hearing Information

Pursuant to NH implied consent law, your New Hampshire drivers license was most likely suspended for anywhere from six months to two years for failing or refusing a chemical test. Important: The implied consent / administrative license suspension proceeding and the criminal DUI / DWI / OUII / Aggravated DWI case are completely separate from one another. If you are convicted of the DUI / DWI or Aggravated DWI charge, you will also lose your drivers license for from nine months to up to two years for a first offense. In New Hampshire, a DUI / Aggravated DWI is usually a misdemeanor crime. A DWI / DUI conviction will go on your New Hampshire driving record and remain indefinately. I am licensed to drive in a state other than New Hampshire and I was cited for a DUI / DWI in New Hampshire. If you are a New Hampshire licensed driver and you are convicted of a DWI / OWI / DUI in another state, New Hampshire will revoke your license if it learns of the conviction. Beginning in 2013, you will likely have to install a IID in your vehicle if you are convicted of any DWI. Prior to 2013, an IID was generally required for an Aggravated DWI or a second or subsequent standard DWI / DUI offense. New Hampshire requires an SR-22 filing for the three years following a first DUI / DWI conviction and five years following a second conviction. Keep in mind that New Hampshire DWI defense is a complex area of the law as shown by the information in this website.

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Client was charged with a number of counts including leaving the scene of an accident and second offense DUI. The DUI was by far the most serious charge and through skillful negotiation, we were able to get the DUI dismissed completely. Aggravated DUI means there has been an injury accident combined with DUI. This category of DUI is generally the most serious and places you at greater risk to lose your liberty. If you, or someone you love, has been arrested for aggravated DUI you need to contact us immediately. As you look for an attorney to handle your DUI you should feel confident in your decision. If you have been charged with a DUI in Boise Idaho, or in any of the surrounding areas, you should seriously consider our firm for representation. Our attorneys have over 50 years of combined experience handling DUI cases in Idaho. We handle every aspect of a DUI case, plus license revocation hearings with the Idaho Department of Transportation. We provide aggressive, professional representation and defense for every type of DUI including Misdemeanor, Felony and Aggravated DUI, whether alcohol or drug related. Our attorneys have received training from a certified Drug Recognition Expert, the highest level of training available to DUI enforcement officers. During the training we received specific instruction on how to easily and effectively use the officer, the officer’s training, and the officer’s NHTSA Manuals to win DUI Cases.

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