West Chester Criminal Defense Attorney

Even if the charges are eventually dismissed, an accusation or arrest for criminal conduct can be life-changing. Attorney Michael J. Skinner is a criminal defense attorney with years of experience representing clients throughout Pennsylvania. Many general practice lawyers handle a wide range of client needs, but criminal law isn’t a practice area where broad knowledge best serves the needs of the accused. Mr. Skinner concentrates solely on DUI and criminal defense, so he brings a wealth of specific experience and knowledge of the laws governing your case. Quality, Compassionate Representation Mr. Skinner understands that clients don’t reach out for his assistance at enjoyable moments in their lives; those who contact our West Chester, Pennsylvania, office have likely just experienced a difficult, life-altering event. Mr. Skinner appreciates the sensitive nature of criminal cases and meets anxiety with compassion. Serving You, the Client As a client, your needs and interests come first at the Skinner Law Firm. The stakes are high in criminal cases; don’t sacrifice quality when you retain an attorney to defend your interests. Contact the Skinner Law Firm at 436-1410 to discuss your case directly with experienced criminal defense attorney Michael J. Skinner. From our office in West Chester, Pennsylvania, we represent clients throughout Chester County as well as parts of Delaware County, and Montgomery County.

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VA Drunk Driving Defense Attorneys

Attorneys like us are the last line of defense against a system that has little regard for anyone accused of a DUI, regardless of the evidence in a case. Under Virginia DUI laws, a first offense DUI charge is a Class 1 misdemeanor, punishable by up to 1 year in jail, and $2500 in fines. This zero tolerance Virginia DUI policy means that you can be charged with drunk driving with anything over.02% BAC. As of 7/1/08, the penalties for blowing a.02% BAC or higher if you are driving and under the legal drinking age of 21. Are:.1 year driver’s license suspensionminimum $500 fine or 50 hours of community serviceSecond Offense DUI Charges & Penalties. For a Second offense DUI conviction within 10 years of the prior offense, you face penalties that include a mandatory 10 day jail sentence. For a Second offense DUI conviction within 5 years of the prior offense, you face penalties that include a mandatory 20 day jail sentence. For a Third offense DUI conviction within 10 years of a prior offense, you face penalties that include a mandatory 3 month jail sentence. For a Third offense DUI conviction within 5 years of a prior offense, you face penalties that include a mandatory 6 month jail sentence. For a Fourth offense DUI within 10 years of a prior conviction, you face a mandatory sentence of 1 year in jail. After a conviction for a first offense DUI charge, most people are eligible for a restricted license, or work license.

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Columbus Criminal Defense Attorney

Before opening Campbell Law in Dublin, Ohio, April Campbell was a prosecutor. She began her career in the Columbus City Prosecutor’s office, where she prosecuted a wide range of traffic offenses, and represented the BMV, helping citizens with suspended licenses get driving privileges. She later moved on to prosecuting serious felony offenses in Montgomery County. April Campbell has practiced throughout Ohio exclusively in criminal law, and has successfully litigated numerous cases in hearings, at trial, and on appeal. The focus of April Campbell’s criminal experience has been in handling OVIs, drug and weapon offenses, and violent crimes. April Campbell has handled a variety of OVIs, from first-time misdemeanor offenses, to felony OVI offenses. Such experience points to one thing: Campbell Law provides clients with aggressive representation, backed by the type of seasoned criminal defense attorney you need. If you have been arrested on DUI/OVI charges in Ohio, you need a Columbus drunk driving attorney like April Campbell that understands the process in detail and can help you achieve the best possible outcome in your unique situation. Operating a vehicle while intoxicated isn’t taken lightly in Ohio, and the resulting DUI/OVI penalties are very serious. No matter whether you require a Columbus DUI attorney, or a criminal felony defense lawyer in Columbus-or anywhere else in Ohio for that matter-contact the experienced criminal attorneys at Campbell Law.

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Pittsburgh DUI Lawyer George Heym

If you are facing a DUI charge contact Attorney George Heym immediately so that he can guide you through the criminal justice system to the outcome that you want. Pittsburgh DUI Lawyer George Heym does not practice this way. Pittsburgh DUI Attorney Heym believes that his job as a DUI Defense Attorney is to determine what your needs and wants are and then to make those things happen rather than just tell you what result you should. Pittsburgh DUI Defense Attorney George Heym spent nearly a decade as a prosecutor in Allegheny County and has spent the last 9 years defending only DUI cases. Of course, Pittsburgh DUI Lawyer Heym is always willing to work with you to set up a payment plan that is acceptable to you. Pittsburgh DUI Defense Attorney Heym will explain: Pennsylvania DUI Law; What you are facing; What your options are; The DUI Criminal Justice System from beginning to end; The answers to any other questions that you have. Common Problems faced by those charged with Pittsburgh DUI. Every DUI client has individual needs. If you have been charged with, or think that you will be charged with, a Marijuana related DUI you need a Pittsburgh Marijuana Driving Under the Influence Defense Lawyer with vast experience in this area of DUI Law. Pittsburgh DUI Lawyer George Heym defends nothing but DUI cases. The Law in this area is confusing and you need a DUI Attorney with the experience necessary to properly defend your Marijuana related DUI case.

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