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Leckerman Law is dedicated to protecting the rights of those accused of Driving Under the Influence, Driving While Intoxicated, Driving After Imbibing, and drunk driving related criminal offenses. Mr. Leckerman helped to change the law in New Jersey concerning witnesses who collect and test blood samples in DWI investigations. He is certified by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to administer the same Standardized Field Sobriety Tests used by police in DUI / DWI investigations. DWI attorney Leckerman has received extensive training concerning breath testing and blood testing for blood alcohol concentration in order to discover the flaws that exist in the prosecution’s testing procedures and results. Police and prosecutors have immense financial resources and cutting-edge technology at their disposal to prosecute citizens accused of violating the drunk driving laws. The results of a DWI / DUI conviction can be devastating. That is why hiring an experienced DWI / DUI defense attorney is the best choice a person can make when determining what to do when facing a drunk driving charge. With extensive training and thousands of hours of DWI / DUI litigation experience, attorney Kevin Leckerman ensures that his clients walk into a court room with confidence in their protection and defense. Get your questions answered – call me for your initial 20 min phone consultation 429-2323. Criminal defense attorney, Kevin Leckerman, exclusively practices DWI defense throughout the entire State of New Jersey and DUI defense in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

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The DUI law provides that the DMV can administratively suspend the driving privileges of anyone arrested for DUI. This will happen automatically following arrest for drunk driving, unless a DMV Hearing request is tendered within 10 days of arrest. This is just one of the reasons it is so important to contact qualified DUI defense lawyer, as soon as possible following a DUI arrest. Drivers can be convicted because of field sobriety tests, driving patterns, driver’s appearance and results from chemical tests. DUI laws in Omaha also allow people to be convicted in the case of a violation of the ‘per se’ DUI laws here. If you have been arrested for a DUI in Omaha you are entitled to a jury trial. Nebraska DUI Law and the DMV. The DMV has the authority to suspend the driver’s license of anyone who has been arrested for a DUI. Normally this action is automatic, but the defendant can request a hearing within 10 days of being arrested. It is highly suggested that you contact an experienced Omaha DUI attorney immediately if you have been arrested for a DUI. The technical term for the hearing that takes place when a DUI charge is brought to civil court is ‘ALR’ or Administrative License Revocation. Driving Under the Influence or Driving While Intoxicated is a frequent criminal charge in Omaha. DUI laws are highly enforced by police, and the state has increased punishments for those who are convicted of this crime. Call the Law Offices of Omahas DUI lawyer at 455-1711 to set up a free consultation and have your case evaluated.

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If you have been arrested or are facing criminal charges in Southern Illinois, the Law Office of Michael J. Rousseau can help. The sooner you call an experienced Belleville criminal defense lawyer, the better we can defend against the charges, get them reduced, and possibly even dismissed. It is always best to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney before you speak with anyone else regarding your case. Whether it is a traffic violation, such as a speeding ticket, DUI or a serious felony conviction you are facing, my office provides compassionate, personalized criminal defense services throughout the entire process. After working as an assistant prosecutor and later as an assistant public defender in St. Clair County, I decided to start my own law firm to better protect the rights of the accused. Criminal law can be complicated and the majority of those arrested or accused of a crime are not hardened criminals. At the Law Office of Michael J. Rousseau, it is my goal to help you by aggressively defending your rights as efficiently as possible. In addition to criminal defense, my office also represents clients in personal injury cases, family law, and real estate litigation. My law office offers a free, confidential initial consultation, on-site or off-site, and I am available 24 hours per day, seven days a week. If you have been accused of a criminal offense and need dependable aggressive legal representation, call the Law Office of Michael J. Rousseau at 618-207-4670 or contact me to make an appointment.

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Most drunk driving defense lawyers know about these factors and use them to defend clients in DUI or DWI cases. Although many drivers may not realize this until it’s too late, intoxicated drivers may be arrested on DUI charges even if they aren’t actually driving their vehicle. Commonly known as a parked car DUI, police officers may arrest drunk drivers for indicating their intention to drive their car while intoxicated. DUI arrests are made according to a legal principle known as physical control, in which a driver may be considered, for legal purposes, violating DUI laws even if they aren’t actually operating the vehicle. According to the law, DUI arrests may be made at any point in which a driver is both intoxicated and has physical control over the vehicle. For the intents of the law, physical control may be extended to include drivers sleeping in the back seat, resting on the hood or trunk of the car’s exterior, or waiting inside a parked vehicle without the immediate intention to drive. In some cases, drivers may avoid DUI allegations by storing their keys in an inaccessible compartment while they’re inside the vehicle. If a driver doesn’t have immediate access to their keys, they may not be considered in physical control of the vehicle, and aren’t breaking DUI laws as a result. If a driver wants to consider a plea bargain, a parked car DUI may be considered significantly less serious as an offense. DUI accident victims may be able to seek compensation for the injuries, pain, suffering, and losses that they suffer at the hands of a drunk driver.

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