New DUI Laws Interpreted

It is fairly well known that drinking and driving is a crime and that those convicted of a DUI will face very serious consequences. What is not so widely known is that you don’t actually have to be driving to be charged with a DUI. Under new Tennessee law you can be charged with a DUI if you allow someone that is intoxicated to drive your car. In this case of DUI by consent, the owner of the car faces the same consequences as the driver. The man only loaned him the car to use for getting to and from work, but when the brother in law was slapped with a DUI while driving the man’s car, he got one too. While $5,000 is the estimated total cost of a DUI, it will cost much more than that if the driver actually injures property or a person while driving. Tennessee law states that the owner/passenger is just as responsible for the actions of the driver as the driver himself if the owner/passenger knew that the driver was intoxicated or even that they had the potential to be drinking and driving. Insurance agent Paul Moore emphasizes to clients that aside from the immediate costs inflicted by a DUI, insurance rates will drastically increase because a DUI charge makes drivers ineligible for standard insurance for a minimum of 5 years. If the driver is underage when they receive a DUI, they are ineligible for standard coverage until age 25. He knew of several situations in which an underage driver was charged with a DUI while still on his parents’ insurance plan. The moral of the story: don’t drink and drive and don’t let anyone else do it either- especially if they’re driving your car.

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Santa Cruz Criminal Defense Attorney

While Attorney John W. Thornton is prepared for any type of criminal defense case, he is particularly experienced in the realm of criminal defense related to drugs and alcohol including parole violations, violent crimes and theft. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can guide you through the criminal justice system and minimize the penalties you may face. With Santa Cruz Defense Attorney John W. Thornton on your side, a defense strategy will be tailor-made for your circumstances. Criminal courts can become extremely complex to navigate and, depending on the type of charges you face, there may be other administrative bodies you must confront. In the case of a DUI arrest there is a criminal component and a DMV administrative process. The interaction of the DMV case and the criminal case can become complicated. When you call John W. Thornton, your case will be handled directly by Mr. Thornton who has handled more than 2,500 DUI cases in the Santa Cruz area. When you call for a free consultation, Santa Cruz DUI Lawyer and Criminal Defense Attorney John W. Thornton will offer an honest assessment of your case, carefully explaining the legal process and the steps required to resolve your Santa Cruz County legal matter. There is no substitute for having a legal ally who is deeply familiar with the criminal law process and the ways of navigating the courts effectively. As an experienced Santa Cruz DUI Lawyer, John W. Thornton can assist you in getting your license back and defend you against a DUI charge or other criminal charges.

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Denver Criminal Defense Lawyer

While there are many attorneys who can handle your DUI or criminal case, few actually have the background and experience to properly handle these cases. Criminal law & DUI cases are complex and best addressed by a lawyer who has knowledge and experience applicable to this area of the law. Not only has Mr. Cessna achieved numerous dismissals for his clients, he has devoted his entire practice to the defense of the criminally accused. Every lawyer you speak with is going to tell you that their qualifications are more than acceptable for the defense of your DUI case. Most criminal defense lawyers take DUI cases pretty regularly, being that they are one of the most common offenses prosecuted. The answers you receive to each of these questions will give you a fairly good understanding of whether or not the attorney is qualified to handle your DUI case. Chris Cessna is the only defense attorney in the state who is a NHTSA-certified instructor in the administration of standardized field sobriety tests, so when you enlist the help of our Denver criminal defense lawyer, he can put this experience to work for you. He regularly attends DUI defense attorney conferences and has reached a level of DUI defense certification attained by only a select few lawyers throughout the country. They must not only knock down evidence, they must also prove that outside elements did not factor into your case, such as impairment in a DUI case. You can depend on Denver Criminal Defense Attorney Chris Cessna to provide you with the aggressive defense you need to fight your charges and avoid a conviction.

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