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New Jersey DWI attorney Evan Levow exclusively practices DWI defense in every court in New Jersey. You need to speak to a DWI defense attorney who knows how to protect your rights, and who has the appropriate experience defending DWI cases in New Jersey. Evan Levow represented the lead defendant in the landmark DWI breath testing case, State v. Chun, which set the standard for DWI defense and prosecution in New Jersey, which in turn affected national protocol. DWI attorney Evan Levow has studied both the law and the science behind DWI cases. For your free DWI case analysis, call New Jersey DWI attorney Evan Levow toll free at 888-904-7388, or fill out the consultation request form to the left. New Jersey DWI attorney Evan Levow practices DWI defense in all municipalities throughout New Jersey. New Jersey DWI attorney Evan Levow will provide a thorough and complete legal defense for fighting your drunk driving case. In addition to his extensive trial and courtroom experience, Evan Levow is the only DWI attorney in New Jersey to own both the original breath testing machine, the Draeger™ Breathalyzer 900, and the newer Draeger Alcotest™ 7110 MKIII-C, which is the breath testing machine currently in use in the state. He has made numerous television and radio appearances speaking on New Jersey DWI law and legal defense strategies, and he is regularly featured in news articles on DWI issues. New Jersey DWI lawyer Evan Levow has been a guest speaker at attorney conferences and continuing education seminars across the United States, and he is currently authoring two books: ‘The DWI Book – New Jersey’ and ‘New Jersey DWI Defense: The Law and Practice’.

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Virginia DUI Laws Attorney Beach First Offense Abogado Fairfax

If you have been charged with drunk driving in the Hampton Roads/Tidewater Area, Fairfax, or any other county in the Commonwealth, take it seriously. Whether you are charged with driving under the influence in the Hampton Roads/Tidewater Area or Fairfax, the punishments for drunk driving are equally harsh. The maximum punishment for a even a 1st time violation of drunk driving are one year in jail, 12 months loss of your driving privileges, ignition interlock and a $2500 fine. If you are charged with driving under the influence and you are stopped on Federal property, you will have to go to federal court. So don’t worry – reach out to us regardless of whether you need a driving under the influence defense advocate in the Hampton Roads/Tidewater Area or Fairfax, VA. For our Spanish speaking clients, please feel free to call us for help: 888-437-7747. You may be severely affected if you are convicted of drunk driving as it may affect your ability to drive, your security clearance, etc. Per the law, If you are driving under the influence of alcohol or driving with a blood alcohol content level of.08 percent or higher or driving while under the influence of any narcotic drug or intoxicant, you can be charged for driving under the influence. Persons under age 21 driving after illegally consuming alcohol; penalty: Driving While Intoxicated: 18.2-270: Under 18.2-270. Penalty for driving while intoxicated; subsequent ; prior conviction Underage driving under influence – Driving while intoxicated -relating to license forfeiture Under 18.2-271. Forfeiture of driver’s license for driving while intoxicated.

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Most Common DUI Defense Strategies

Being charged with DUI is very serious and may lead to some genuinely harsh legal penalties and punishment. It does not necessarily imply that there are not legal defense strategies that could help you out. From the very moment that you were pulled over and all the way up to the presentation of evidence against you in court, there are ways to avoid the legal punishment and to come up with the perfect legal defense strategy. The law is clearly stating that in order for you to be pulled over by the police, there needs to be probably cause and this implies that the officers will need to have something more serious than their suspicions. Even the FSTs – the Field Sobriety Tests needs to be administered by the law enforcement officers in a lawful manner and following the rules and legal recommendations. Do not forget that in case the officer was not respectful and was instead intimidating as well as genuinely aggressive to begin with, the test results will not be admissible in court as well. The blood sample should be taken by a qualified as well as genuinely experienced DUI attorney within the very least amount of time possible. Well, if the arresting officer did not read the Miranda rights to you during the arrest, any kind of evidence, even the most incriminating one that was gathered afterwards is not going to be considered viable in court. In the end, it is important to understand that there are certain legal defense strategies that could really prove to be absolutely invaluable to you even during the DUI arrest and charges. If you need to discuss your own defense strategy, do not hesitate to call our DUI defense law offices or email us using contact form.

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