DUI Attorneys in Pennsylvania

If you were arrested or charged with drunk driving or DUI / DWI of a controlled substance in Pennsylvania, the penalties are very strict. At SMA Law Group, we offer free case evaluations to anyone charged with a DUI in Allegheny County or Western Pennsylvania. Attorney Chris Thomas and his staff have successfully argued to have their clients placed into DUI programs that offer an alternative to jail and in many cases a permanent record, when the client’s guilt is clear and trial is not a strong or reasonable option. Having an aggressive and experienced DUI attorney to fight for your rights, negotiate with the courts and thoroughly investigate your case is the best way to increase your chances of having your charges reduced or dropped. In Pennsylvania, sentencing for a DUI / DWI is very tough. The sentencing for a first-time DUI of a BAC level of.10% to.159% is one-year license suspension and a fine of up to $5,000, among other penalties. A second DUI in ten years under the lowest level of BAC is a mandatory one-year license suspension, a maximum of 6 months in prison and a fine of up to $2,500, among other penalties. OUR EXPERIENCE IN PENNSYLVANIA DUI LAW. Pittsburgh DUI Attorney Christopher Thomas has a thorough knowledge of your rights under Pennsylvania law and he will work rigorously to defend them. Attorney Thomas is experienced at taking cases to trial, negotiating a plea, expunging DUI records and advocating for acceptance into probationary programs for first-time offenders. We are also experienced in helping people determine whether their DUI case or DUI conviction can be affected by the recent U.S. Supreme Court Birchfield Ruling, which could result in a reduction in sentencing for certain DUI cases.

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Tampa DUI Attorney

If you’ve been arrested for a DWI in Tampa or anywhere in Hillsborough County and are looking for an experienced and trustworthy Tampa DUI lawyer, we can help! With the right DUI attorney you can successfully fight a DUI arrest to reduce the penalties and costs that you will soon be facing. Call a DUI attorney in Tampa now for a free case evaluation at 252-1300. An experienced DUI attorney in Tampa will be able to advise you of the benefits and consequences of the Florida DUI laws and penalties and work to minimize your penalties and help you protect your legal rights. An Experienced DUI Attorney Can Reduce or Eliminate The Charges Against You.Hiring a top-notch attorney experienced in Florida DUI cases is the ONLY WAY to minimize fines and costs, and reduce or even eliminate jail-time and legal charges! Now to speak with a top-rated Tampa lawyer that specializes in DUI cases and get your free case evaluation. The person most qualified to challenge this evidence against you is a Tampa DUI lawyer who specializes in DUI cases and knows the laws and procedures available to contest the evidence and to discover deficiencies in the arrest or testing procedures that can be used to disqualify evidence and have charges reduced or in some cased dropped altogether. Contact a Tampa DUI lawyer as soon as possible to give him or her enough time to successfully prepare your defense. Legal specialists like DUI lawyers may cost a bit more on an hourly basis, but because they are specialists in handling DUI, DWI and BUI cases and can quickly get favorable results resulting in less jail time, lower fines, and fewer penalties, it will often cost you less in the long run. Contact the best Tampa DUI lawyers for all DUI offenses now to confidentially discuss your case.

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Portland DUII Attorneys

You can depend on our qualified and experienced DUI criminal defense attorneys to provide professional, compassionate representation, while protecting your rights and using every tool at our disposal to ensure an outcome that minimizes the impact on you. Oregon DUI arrests trigger two separate cases: DMV case, where the person’s driver’s license may be suspended from anywhere from 90 days, to three years and a DUI criminal case, where significant punishment including jail time, fines, mandatory classes, required ignition interlock devices, and other consequences can be imposed. Even if you believe you may be guilty of DUI. An experienced attorney can sometimes avoid a license suspension, or use the information obtained at the DMV hearing to win your case, or mitigate any impact in Criminal Court. Under Oregon state law, a person who has not been convicted of a DUI or participated in another Diversion type program within the last fifteen years, can apply for Diversion and avoid a DUI conviction. If found guilty a first DUI, you could be fined a maximum of $6,250 up to $10,000, depending on the facts of your case. You need to talk to an attorney who knows DUI sentencing guidelines in order to get a fair estimate of what sentence could be imposed in your case. The jail sentence imposed on a second or third DUI offense will be significantly greater than the sentence imposed on a first DUI offense. Oregon DUI cases may not be plea-bargained to lesser charges. The DUI defense team at Harris Law Firm is dedicated to providing aggressive and comprehensive defense to individuals who have been arrested for DUI Our attorneys focus their practices on DUI defense cases. Punishments for DUI is severe so be sure to hire the best DUII attorney you can afford.

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