Drunk Driving Penalties, Laws and Suspension Information

If you had a valid California driver license at the time of your arrest, the officer should have issued you a temporary license as part of the Order of Suspension / Revocation which is valid for the 30 days following your California DUI arrest. You were probably arrested or cited for one form of driving under the influence: DUI or DUI Drugs. Criminal charge / citation for Driving Under the Influence If you are convicted of a DUI charge you face a separate suspension of 180 days or longer depending on your DUI history. CALIFORNIA CDL SUSPENSION LENGTHS FOR DUI RELATED INCIDENTS INCIDENT FIRST OFFENSE SECOND OFFENSE Any DUI conviction one year lifetime BAC of.04 % or greater while in a CMV one year. Driving while your license is suspended following a California DUI conviction is a new criminal offense. If you’re on probation for a California DUI, driving while suspended will violate your DUI probation and can result in additional incarceration as a probation violation or PV. I really need to drive. 20 %; alcohol classes / treatment / DUI school for either 3 months (BAC.19 % or less) or 9 months SECOND DUI CONVICTION(2nd offense w/in 10 years)misdemeanor court aka bench probation for three to five years; a fine of between $390 and $1000 plus other fees and assessments; 4 – 30 days jail; 2 year license suspension; 18 / 30 months of alcohol classes / treatment / DUI school. A California DUI conviction will go on your California driving record. A California DUI will stay on your driving record for 10 years for insurance purposes. You have an absolute right to represent yourself on any California criminal charge no matter how serious the offense including a California DUI. Keep in mind that criminal defense and particularly DUI defense are complex areas of law as shown by the information above.

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Pennsylvania DUI Defense Attorney

Pennsylvania DUI law is complex and requires advice from an experienced DUI lawyer who can successfully resolve your charge. Due to the potential complications associated with DUI law in Pennsylvania, it’s important to have representation from an attorney who understands both sides of the law, the prosecution and the defense. Steven Kellis spent five years working with DUI cases as a Senior Assistant District Attorney and DUI Prosecutor, experience that gave him firsthand knowledge of the methods used by prosecutors and police officers in drunk driving cases. As a defense attorney, Mr. Kellis has aggressive investigation and cross-examination tactics, and has represented clients in DUI cases for more than 20 years. His law practice is focused solely on Pennsylvania DUI defense. You will need a Pennsylvania lawyer experienced in handling DUI cases who can uncover and expose mistakes and inaccuracies made by police officers. Steven Kellis is Nationally Certified in Field Sobriety Testing and has hands-on experience working with breath and blood test machines used by law enforcement agencies throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. This is a very important part of building a defense and requires a knowledgeable attorney devoted to DUI law. Unlike formal breath tests, PBTs are entirely voluntary and you are not required to blow into the PBT breath machine when you are being investigated for a PA DUI. However, if you refuse to submit to a portable breath test, you can still be taken to the police station or DUI Center for a formal breath, blood or urine test. Law enforcement officers typically administer a blood test, also used to determine your BAC. For some of his clients, Attorney Kellis has discovered that the BAC was lower than the legal limit after retesting blood samples through a private lab.

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San Bernardino DUI Lawyer

If youve been arrested in San Bernardino County for drunk driving, our DUI attorneys are prepared to defend you in court against criminal DUI charges and at the DMV to restore your driver’s license. Each San Bernardino DUI lawyer is highly experienced and narrowly specialized: We’ve focused on representing clients charged with drunk driving since 1979. The Law Offices of Taylor & Taylor is a nationally known firm of DUI defense attorneys. The DUI attorneys, who average 24 years of experience and include 2 former prosecutors, are unique in having their own technical support staff of former drunk driving law enforcement experts. With a national reputation as The Dean of DUI Attorneys, Mr. Taylor is a former prosecutor, Fulbright Professor of Law and Dean of the National College for DUI Defense. He is the author of the standard textbook in the field, Drunk Driving Defense, 7th Edition, and has lectured on DUI strategies and techniques to DUI defense attorneys in more than 38 states. Recognizing the law firm’s reputation in the profession, the Law Offices of Taylor & Taylor has been awarded the coveted A-V rating by the International Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory – the highest rating awarded to attorneys and one shared by fewer than 7% of all lawyers in the United States. The firm is also listed in the prestigious Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers, and has been top-rated by both AVVO and Yelp. If you have been arrested for drunk driving in San Bernardino County, we invite you to meet our DUI attorneys, to review their experience and qualifications, and to read some of the many comments we have received from our valued clients. Please feel free to call our firm’s founder, Lawrence Taylor, or our Managing Attorney, Chris Taylor, for a free consultation concerning your pending criminal case and license suspension hearing.

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