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Hieu is a fellow lawyer in the community and is clearly one of the most scientifically knowledgeable attorneys in the field of criminal defense. I have recommended Hieu…. Christopher Sohovich, Criminal defense Attorney on Mar 3, 2013Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community. I have always been very impressed with Hieu, his knowledge of the science behind alcohol’s effects on the human body in…. Joshua Price, DUI and DWI Attorney on Jul 28, 2012Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community. Hieu is an amazing Lawyer! However, amazing is not enough, the reasons are as follows: 1) He will know his case better then anyone else in the Courtroom! 2) He will know the law regarding his case better then anyone else in the Courtroom, including the Judge! 3) He applies real life experience to each of his cases and…. Ann Gottesman, Criminal defense Attorney on Jul 3, 2012Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community. Hieu is also very knowledgeable about the law and the science relevant to DUI defense, which…. Ian Wallach, Criminal defense Attorney on Jul 3, 2012Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community. Hieu is not only a great friend of mine, and not only a great friend of many highly respected members of the defense bar, but he is a fearless attorney who, among other things, knows DUI law very well. He is…. Ricson Dakanay, Criminal defense Attorney on Jul 2, 2012Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community. Criminal defense Attorney on Jan 4, 2012Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community. Hieu is an attorney that is dedicated to his clients, getting them the best results possible, and to furthering his knowledge in the field. Hieu is a diligent, conscientious attorney who regularly keeps up to date with the latest training and tools in DUI defense.

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Abolish Drunk Driving Laws

Bill Lewis, head of the Texas chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, agreed. Instead we should get rid of it entirely by repealing drunk driving laws. In 2009, according to a recent study by researchers at the University of California at Berkeley, 1,600 sobriety checkpoints in California generated $40 million in fines, $30 million in overtime pay for cops, 24,000 vehicle confiscations, and just 3,200 arrests for drunk driving. A typical checkpoint would consist of 20 or more cops, yield a dozen or more vehicle confiscations, but around three drunk driving arrests. Blood tests are far more accurate, but by the time a driver is pulled over, questioned, taken to the nearest hospital, and had his blood drawn, his BAC may be significantly different from what it was when he was driving. Many states have tried to solve this problem by claiming another invasive power: They are now allowing police to forcibly take a blood sample on the side of the road. These ever-expanding enforcement powers miss the point: The threat posed by drunk driving comes not from drinking per se but from the impairment drinking can cause. If our ultimate goals are to reduce driver impairment and maximize highway safety, we should be punishing reckless driving. Doing away with the specific charge of drunk driving sounds radical at first blush, but it would put the focus back on impairment, where it belongs. If the offense were reckless driving rather than drunk driving, for example, repeated swerving over the median line would be enough to justify the charge. Scrapping the DWI offense in favor of better enforcement of reckless driving laws would also bring some logical consistency to our laws, which treat a driver with a BAC of 0.08 much more harshly than, say, a driver distracted by his kids or a cell phone call, despite similar levels of impairment.

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St Lucie DUI Defense Attorney

A DUI arrest is extremely serious for a driver in St. Lucie County, Florida. The best way for a person to stand up against the charges that they face would be to hire an aggressive DUI attorney immediately. Please contact a Port St. Lucie DUI lawyer at our firm today if you or someone you love needs legal advice, guidance or representation for your first offense, second offense, third offense or a subsequent offense for DUI. Our law firm handles all types of drunk driving cases, including felony DUI, DUI charges on spring break, DUI accidents, DUI with injury, out of state DUI and driving under the influence of drugs. Challenging DUI charges against you is strongly advised if you wish to avoid some or all of the serious consequences associated with a DUI conviction. Regardless of whether a person faces a first DUI offense or is allegedly a multiple DUI offender, they face very serious penalties if convicted. These serious consequences are the primary reason to involve a DUI defense lawyer who can competently handle your case to help you avoid a conviction. Following a DUI arrest in Port St. Lucie or any of the surrounding areas, including Fort Pierce & Hutchinson Island, it’s important to consult with a knowledgeable DUI defense lawyer right away. Some attorneys handle DUI cases as part of a larger, broader practice, but at our firm, DUI and criminal defense is all we do. We can provide strong and effective defense representation, regardless of whether a client is facing his first DUI arrest or his or her fifth, or whether a client is facing typical misdemeanor charges or a more serious felony DUI offense. As an experienced St. Lucie DUI lawyer, Mr. Golden will fight hard on your behalf in an effort to maintain your driving privileges and avoid a jail or prison sentence altogether.

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