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We can help you! We are experienced DUI defense attorneys and represent clients accused of DUI day in and day out, every day, every year. We have had great results, with many people having their Seattle DUI or Washington DUI cases dismissed, reduced to a lesser charge, or found not guilty after a trial. We have designed this web site to try and answer every Washington DUI or Seattle DUI question that you may have. Now you know that we represent people accused of Seattle DUIs or Washington State DUIs. If you decide that one of us is a good fit to work with you on your Washington DUI then we will we begin representing you in your Washington State DUI charges. Attending all court hearings with you, including your Department of Licensing Hearing; Answering all your phone calls, emails and questions within 1 day; Investigating your case; Advising you of your options for your Washington DUI charges and giving you our opinion of what you should do; Reviewing the DUI arrest report with you; Aggressively fighting your case – this means negotiating with the prosecutor, filing legal motions, representing you in court; and doing whatever it takes to get you the best deal possible for your DUI charge. Member of the only two Washington State DUI organizations that you must be voted into – the Washington Foundation for Criminal Justice and the Northwest Academy of DUI Defense. Member of the Washington Foundation for Criminal Justice – a Washington State DUI defense organization with exclusive, by invitation only, membership. This includes participation in an impaired driving working group made up of legislators, prosecutors, law enforcement and other government representatives and testifying before the legislation regarding proposed laws that would impact drivers accused of DUI. * Graduate of Gerry Spence’s Trial Lawyers College. Speaker/Presenter at DUI related seminars where I instruct other lawyers on issues of DUI representation.

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Virginia DUI Law Rulings, Virginia DWI Law Rulings in Cases, Virginia Drunk Driving Rulings

VIRGINIA DUI LAW RULINGS. Pancione v. Commonwealth: An off-duty, out-of-jurisdiction police officer saw a motorist driving poorly. RULE OF LAW: The breath test operator may or may not be required to testify in Virginia DUI trials depending upon the outcome of this case. A U.S. Park Ranger saw the defendant speeding in Cumberland Gap park and stopped him just outside the park and arrested him for DUI. The defendant argued that the arrest was illegal because the officer was outside his jurisdiction and the resulting DUI in Virginia’s federal court should be dismissed. 2d 502: A man was convicted of DUI on a military base in Virginia. On appeal to a district court judge, the court held that federal courts must impose the Virginia mandatory minimum penalties. RULE OF LAW: Virginia’s mandatory DUI penalties apply to cases on federal military bases. The trial court reasoned that the Commonwealth failed to properly follow Virginia’s Implied Consent law. Previously, the mandatory minimums only applied to federal cases that actually assimilated Virginia law. RULE OF LAW: Even though not mandatory, the federal court in Virginia will apply Virginia’s mandatory minimum sentences as if they were. Bose Law Firm specializes in virginia dui lawyer, virginia dwi, virginia dui law, virginia reckless driving law, drunk driving defense, virginia traffic laws, traffic lawyers, virginia dui defense, virginia dui law firm, virginia traffic law, driving under the influence in virginia, driving while intoxicated in virginia, virginia lawyer, virginia attorney, virginia dui attorney, virginia dwi attorney, virginia reckless driving attorney, virginia dui laws, virginida dwi laws, virginia dui lawyer, virginia dui lawyers, virginia dwi lawyer, virginia dwi lawyers, drunk driving in virginia, va dwi, va dui, va reckless driving, virginia dui law experts, and they are virginia dwi law experts.

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As a former Assistant Attorney General for the State of Maryland, Gary W. Desper is committed to helping people protect themselves, their families and their futures with Excellence, Integrity and Dedication. Our offices are now located at 43 North Court Street. We are still within walking distance of the courthouses and our old offices! At my law office in Westminster, Carroll County, Maryland, I provide trusted counsel and representation for a wide range of legal matters to individuals and business clients in Carroll County, Frederick County, Howard County, Baltimore County and throughout Maryland. I represent clients with cases involving criminal defense, DUI lawyer / DWI defense attorney, drunk driving, traffic, assault charges, theft, drug charges, family law, estate planning and administration, wills and trusts, divorce, separation, child custody, domestic violence protective orders, business matters, personal injury, real estate law, mediation services, automobile accidents, speeding tickets, traffic attorney, MVA hearings traffic defense, legally changing your name, and more. My Westminster, MD law office is conveniently located next to the Carroll County courts, law enforcement, and local government offices with easy access to parking. When you are dealing with a legal issue that affects you as an individual or business, you need an attorney who will take the time to listen to you and understand your unique situation. You deserve a lawyer who will treat you honestly and fairly, someone who will stand by your side and guide you through the legal process while working to protect your rights. When you walk through my door, you will speak directly with me. If you are seeking the undivided attention of a dedicated lawyer in Carroll County, Maryland, who provides trusted counsel and representation at affordable rates, please call the Law Offices of Gary W. Desper to schedule a consultation.

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