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Drunk driving laws are tough, with rigid sentencing guidelines mandating jail time and fines, laws requiring driver’s license suspension or revocation, alcohol abuse treatment, intoxicated driver programs and zero tolerance for a driver with a commercial driver’s license. You may be wondering if you really need to hire a lawyer, how to hire a really good qualified DUI defense attorney, or if you can just represent yourself. If this is your first drunk driving charge, you’ll be required to pay fines, obtain special proof of insurance, and pay higher insurance premiums. The level of the charge you are accused of depends on the number of prior convictions, and while the district attorney may be counting prior convictions incorrectly, challenging prior convictions is something best deferred to a qualified DUI defense lawyer. With more than one million lawyers actively practicing law in the United States, you might be wondering how to find an attorney whom you can trust and rely upon to handle your drunk driving case in the manner that you would handle it if you had enough time to learn all of the laws to prepare yourself for a zealous prosecuting attorney and an impatient court. No. Drunk driving charges are serious life-changing events. What truly sets attorneys apart one from another is their knowledge of the law, their ability to formulate compelling legal arguments, and their records of winning cases similar to yours. FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION: Attorneys offering a free initial consultation display the free initial consultation icon. All attorneys on offer a free initial consultation for all charges, with one exception – Expungement’s – not all attorneys offer free initial consultations for Expungement’s due to the fact that to even answer your question of whether or not you might be able to have your criminal record expunged, a great deal of investigation must take place – Expungement’s, like occupational license, are not automatic. OWI-DUI.COM DISCOUNT PROGRAM: Attorneys displaying the OWI-DUI Discount icon participate in the OWI-DUI Discount Program, which helps you obtain lower attorney fees by taking dollars off of your attorney bill.

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Laws and Penalties

Driving with a blood alcohol concentration of.04% or more when a passenger for hire is a passenger in the vehicle at the time of the offense Driving under the influence of any drug. If a person is charged with a first offense of DUI within the last ten years, then any of these violations can carry a maximum punishment of 6 months in jail and a $1000 fine. If an individual has prior conviction(s) for a DUI related offense within the last ten years, then the maximum and minimum punishments drastically increase. It is also important to realize that having a prior conviction for a DUI related offense is not the only way that a person can receive jail/custody as a punishment. If you willfully refuse to submit to or complete a blood-alcohol concentration evidentiary test after arrest under California’s Implied Consent Law, then the law requires that a person receive an additional 2 days of jail in a first offense; 4 days in jail in a second offense; 10 days in jail for a third offense; and 18 days in jail in a fourth offense. This is even on a first offense! If one or more of the passengers in your vehicle was/were a minor under the age of 14 years old when the driver was DUI, then the law requires that the driver receive 48 continuous hours in jail in a first offense; 10 days in jail for a second offense; 30 days in jail for a third offense; and 90 days in jail for a fourth offense. These are only a few of the circumstances in which the law requires a person receive custody/jail for even a first offense, and it drastically increases the minimum jail time required in multiple offense DUIs. In addition to the potential jail/custody sentence that a person can receive for a DUI offense, the law also requires in most instances that the person be granted probation. Alcohol program = 3/6/9 month program for a 1st offense; 18 month program on a 2nd offense; 18 month or 30 month program on a 3rd offense. All of these court penalties are in addition to the license suspensions that can occur as a result of the Administrative Per Se DMV suspension, and a separate license suspension that occurs after a person is convicted of ANY of the above listed offenses in the criminal court.

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Oakland DUI law firm of Robert Tayac, attorney at law

Oakland DUI arrests are serious criminal cases which have a significant impact on a person’s driver’s license. Oakland DUI Lawyer Robert Tayac is an experienced Alameda County DUI attorney, dedicated to providing the highest quality representation available to clients who have been arrested in or near Oakland, Berkeley, Hayward, Pleasanton, Alameda, and Fremont. To ensure your case is properly handled, it’s important for anyone who has been arrested for a DUI in Alameda County to consult with an experienced, locally based DUI defense lawyer immediately. He has over fifteen years of experience defending people who have been arrested in Alameda County for driving under the influence and coauthored the leading California DUI attorney practice guide, California Drunk Driving Defense. Mr. Tayac applies his knowledge of the law and skill to defend his clients in court and the California DMV to assist them in resolving their DUI charges with the best result possible. Clients of Oakland DUI Attorney Robert Tayac, receive the highest quality representation available anywhere for all aspects of their DUI case. Robert Tayac represents out of state drivers who have been arrested for a DUI in California, as well as to people who have been charged with a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th DUI. Furthermore, if a client took a breath or blood test, or performed field sobriety tests, Mr. Tayac can, in many cases, challenge the accuracy of the test results and argue against admissibility in court. A DUI arrest is a frightening, confusing, and overwhelming experience. When a person arrested for a DUI near Oakland, Pleasanton, Fremont or Hayward hires Alameda County DUI attorney Robert Tayac, they can feel confident they have made the right decision and hired the best attorney who will be there for them throughout the entire DUI process. Mr. Tayac fights his clients’ DUI charges and secures the best outcome in the Superior Court and at the California DMV. If you have been arrested for driving under the influence in Alameda County, please contact Alameda County DUI defense attorney Robert Tayac immediately for a confidential consultation at (510) 352-9500.

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