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Likewise if the DA waited too long to file charges, a Stockton Drunk Driving Attorney can file a speedy trial motion that can put the DA’s case in the circular filing cabinet! A good Stockton Drunk Driving Attorney has these and a few other standard motions, some of which can win a case outright in the right circumstances. A skilled Stockton Drunk Driving Attorney can look at a case and find that one section of law that was violated by a police officer or the mistake made by the DA and turn their case upside down. DUI Penalties MINIMUM, MAXIMUM, & LIKELY DUI PENALTIES First Offense Misdemeanor Stockton DUI Penalties California minimum penalties for a first offense misdemeanor DUI conviction include 4 days county jail, a $390 fine plus penalty assessments, 3 years of informal court probation, and an alcohol class of 3, 6, or 9 months. Second Offense Misdemeanor Stockton DUI Penalties California minimum penalties for a second offense misdemeanor DUI conviction include 90 days county jail, a $390 fine plus penalty assessments, 3 years of informal court probation, and an alcohol class of 18 months. For first and second offense misdemeanor Stockton drunk driving charges, unless there was an injury in the case, both the DA and the courts will work with your Stockton DUI Lawyer to help make sure that your life isn’t destroyed by the jail time. If you have injured someone in a DUI incident, you need a Stockton DUI Lawyer. Child Under 14 in Car A DUI arrest with a child under 14 in the car at the time of the arrest effectively doubles the minimum sentences for a Stockton misdemeanor DUI conviction. The DMV refusal case is more-than-just-occasionally winnable and if you are facing this serious accusation of refusing a chemical test, you need to hire a Stockton DUI Lawyer and you need to hire a Stockton DWI Lawyer now. ENDING A DUI CASE RESOLVING A Stockton DUI CRIMINAL CASE Your Stockton DUI Attorneys will talk to you about your specific case, but for here I want to give you some information about what outcomes are possible in a Stockton DUI case. They go from a standard first penalty of 2 days of work project to 5 days after a major motion to 20+ days after a jury trial on a first offense DUI. Judges don’t always go along with the District Attorney requests however, but you should consult with your Stockton Drunk Driving Lawyer about the risks involved with a DUI jury trial.

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DUI cases involve a great deal of science in addition to understanding the basic governing rules and regulations and how they apply to a specific client’s set of facts. Because of this complexity at times attorneys make mistakes when it comes to defending DUI clients … mistakes potentially harmful to their clients resulting in loss of the client’s driving license, having to pay significant fines, being sent to jail, having to pay huge increases in their insurance rates, and more. Let’s be real and consider the underlying facts of why an attorney would inform a potential client or a client that their DUI case can not be won. I have come to believe that attorney’s who do not spend time with the client at the onset in order to properly evaluating all of the evidentiary facts before recommending that the potential client just plead guilty is the single most important mistake the attorney may make when representing the individual for DUI. In addition to my other practice areas, I’ve been practicing as a Kentucky DUI Defense lawyer since 1999. Let me repeat that: I spend no less than 45 minutes with the potential client collecting facts! Yet I have received calls for second opinions or after their attorney had lost their case from individuals charged with DUI for second opinions where their attorney had recommended a guilty plea. In my opinion, I have come to believe that after obtaining the police report and looking at the breath test results many lawyers simply advise their client to plead guilty without considering all of the facts which may prove a client’s innocence. Then there are potential client’s who decide to plead guilty to save money! I call these economic DUI guilty pleas. In one case, the officer claimed that my client’s vehicle was weaving on the road and that the road was straight when in fact after visiting the arrest location I discovered that the road was winding and not straight: from the officer’s position some distance away he merely saw my client’s vehicle following the winding road and erroneously stated my client was weaving. A lawyer should file, after discussing this with the client and with the client’s permission, a Motion to Suppress evidence when it appears that the officer violated the client’s constitutional rights. In some cases, the court may rule in the client’s behalf which could result in a win of the client’s case.

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