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Austin criminal defense lawyer Betty Blackwell has the background and experience as a criminal lawyer in Austin who to provide aggressive defense to those facing criminal charges. The Law Office of Betty Blackwell operates from a bedrock philosophy that everyone who is accused of a crime deserves a criminal attorney who can provide the best possible defense and ensure fairness during all proceedings. Specializing in providing domestic violence, DUI, and DWI defense in Travis County, The Law Office of Betty Blackwell can provide you with intelligent, aggressive defense if you have been charged with a criminal offense in the Austin area. As a lifelong resident of Austin and a DUI attorney with years of experience within the Travis County judicial system, Austin DWI Lawyer Betty Blackwell is the one to depend on if you are charged with DWI or DUI. When you retain the services of the Law Office of Betty Blackwell, you are getting an Austin DUI lawyer who will do everything necessary to aid you in trying to avoid exorbitant financial penalties or the loss of your driver’s license. With so much at risk, the smart solution is to work with an Austin defense attorney like Betty Blackwell who has had extensive success in handling cases very similar to yours. DUI defense lawyer Betty Blackwell can thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding your case and will seek to have the charges against you dropped if there is questionable evidence or not enough evidence to guarantee that the prosecution will get an easy conviction. Austin domestic violence lawyer Betty Blackwell has extensive experience and expertise in the defense of domestic violence cases, and she will work assiduously to ensure the most favorable outcome possible in your case. When you need an experienced and knowledgeable defense lawyer who is Board certified in the practice of criminal law, especially with cases involving DWI/DUI or domestic violence, contact the Austin Law Office of Betty Blackwell. With over 30 years of experience, Austin criminal lawyer Betty Blackwell will bring extensive experience and expertise to your criminal case and will work tirelessly to get you the most favorable outcome possible. Betty is an experienced criminal defense attorney specializing in domestic violence and drunk driving defense dedicated to helping Travis County, Texas residents to fight their DWI, driver’s license suspension, domestic violence, and other criminal charges.

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Board Certified in DUI Defense

In our initial email to you we include numerous attachments, links and video clips, including a short questionnaire created by our DUI specialists, and our one-of-a-kind grid about Georgia DUI penalties for a first offense DUI, 2nd DUI in GA, or any other repeat driving while impaired offense. As opposed to many Atlanta DUI law firms that want your credit card number on the first phone call, our Atlanta DUI lawyer partners PREFER to sit down face-to-face with you, and help you by answering your questions and listening to your concerns in a FREE DUI lawyer consultation at our law office. For over thirty years he has traveled the nation to teach other DUI-DWI lawyers how to fight a DUI. Mr. Head is one of fewer than 70 Board-Certified DUI defense attorneys in America, and has a proven reputation among DUI lawyers across the USA for being one of the best lawyers in Atlanta, as well as being the most highly-awarded Atlanta DUI lawyer, when it comes to overall attorney ratings. Plus, since July 1, 2008, Georgia DUI laws have had a felony DUI for a 4th DUI in 10 years. Bubba Head, DUI attorney Atlanta, is a Board-Certified DUI defense attorney and co-author of Georgia’s leading drunk driving book, published by the world’s largest legal book publisher, Thomson-Reuters-West. In 2016, both Mr. Yager, DUI attorney Atlanta, and Mr. Kohn, a Georgia DUI lawyer with over 360 AVVO 5-star client DUI lawyer reviews, became authors of chapters in separate national drunk driving lawyer books on DUI trial practice. DUI attorneys from every state know Bubba Head, and regularly call upon him to discuss beating a DUI in their state, or for his law firm’s assistance in handling criminal defense cases that are pending in Georgia. Atlanta DUI Attorney Bubba Head – Legal Expert for GA DUI. ALL of our DUI lawyers are listed in 2017 Super Lawyers for their best DUI attorney ratings. Top-rated among criminal attorneys in Atlanta GA, our criminal lawyers can answer your questions about the Georgia implied consent law, the GA ignition interlock program, GA alcohol laws, GA DUI classes, a 2nd DUI in GA, or a pending license suspension at the GA DMV. GA DUI conviction penalties are severe. Since the DUI lawyer in Atlanta GA published his first drunk driving book in 1991 on how to get out of a DUI, William Head has set a high bar for other Atlanta attorneys who practice criminal defense law.

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Entering Canada with a DUI

Because we focus primarily on DUI and Canada entry, we have a plethora of experience on how to keep a DUI a secret from work associates when entering Canada with a drinking and driving conviction. The legality of DUI travel to Canada is the exact same regardless of what method of transportation you use, and flying into Canada with a DUI does not increase a person’s probability of getting in. Whether you have a first-time DUI with no injuries and need to travel to Canada for business, or you are an individual with permanent residency status who needs to return to their job in Canada, phone our team today to see how our seasoned immigration lawyer can help. If your license is still suspended, you will obviously not be permitted to drive across the border even if you have a valid 2018 DUI entry Canada TRP. Without a driver’s license, your only options will be to fly to Canada or have someone else do the driving. In Canada, many crimes have a maximum prison sentence of 10+ years to give the judge some leeway, so always consult with a qualified Canada immigration attorney before assuming your crime is not considered to be serious in Canada. Many people search the Internet for DUI and Canada entry in an effort to figure out their chances of getting into Canada with a criminal record. While Canada immigration lawyers can help inadmissible individuals gain entry to Canada by preparing an effective IRCC application under the circumstances, no legal professional has complete control of whether or not an individual is successful in entering Canada. Foreigners who are not allowed to go to Canada because of a DUI can even run into issues if they have a connecting flight through Canada. Successfully entering Canada with DUI charges does not necessarily depend on where in Canada you plan to visit, nor does it depend on your First Port of Arrival. If you plan to use an experienced attorney to assist you in entering the country with a DWI, you may be happy to know that we have provided our services and legal advice to hundreds of Americans interested in Canada immigration with a DUI. Our Canadian immigration lawyer is licensed to practice in Canada and can help people enter every province & territory in Canada including British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI, Newfoundland, Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut.

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