The law establishes administrative license suspension procedures for drivers who refuse to submit to a test or whose test results indicate an elevated BAC. Drivers over age 21 have an elevated BAC if it is found to be.08% or more. The law additionally requires second-time offenders, during the first year of the three-year interlock period, to drive these vehicles only to work, school, a drug or alcohol treatment program, or an interlock service center. Starting January 1, 2013 the law allows the offender to seek restoration of his or her license after two years and commissioner to restore it on the condition that the driver operate only interlock-equipped vehicles for as long as he or she drives. Police must impound for 48 hours the motor vehicle of someone arrested for DUI who was driving while his license was under suspension or revoked. A driver is ineligible to operate a motor vehicle with an ignition interlock if his or her license was suspended for any reason other than conviction of DUI, 2nd-degree manslaughter with a motor vehicle, or 2nd-degree assault with a motor vehicle. Administrative Per Se. This law requires an administrative license suspension process for drivers who refuse to submit to the test or whose test results indicate an elevated BAC. In such cases, the police officer, acting on behalf of the motor vehicle commissioner, must revoke the driver. As long as the driver either has not previously been suspended for a DUI conviction within the 10 years preceding the current arrest or been involved in a fatal accident, the commissioner may suspend his or her license or nonresident operating privilege starting on a date not more than 30 days after the person receives notice of his or her arrest. CDL holders who commit two or more of certain offenses, including DUI, are disqualified for life from driving a commercial motor vehicle. If someone holding a CDL is convicted of DUI, or found to have either refused to submit to a BAC test or taken and failed the test, he or she is disqualified from driving a commercial motor vehicle for one year. If an offense involves driving a vehicle transporting hazardous materials requiring placards under federal law, the disqualification is for three years, & (d. The disqualification applies for any BAC test refusal, regardless of the type of motor vehicle he or she was driving; a BAC result of.04% or more while driving a commercial motor vehicle or.08% or more while driving any other motor vehicle; or a conviction of operating any vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or both.

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I’m very happy Dr. Silva’s hard work got my dui car crash with case 1.5 reading dismissed. April 2016: Johnny was accused of a 2nd time dui with a BAC of.14. RESULT: CASE DISMISSED. MORE SUCCESS ON A 2ND TIME DUI. Kevin was charged with a 2nd time dui claiming he was under the influence of marijuana while still on probation for his first dui. Got me off the hook; Mrsilva was fighting for my second dui which I was not going to accept eventually got my case dismissed with a infraction. 3rd Dui in less than ten years BY CLIENT DANIEL N. I was charged with a 3rd DUI in ten years. With a BAC of.14 and two previous DUI’s within ten years, in two different counties, attorney Silva not only won my DMV hearing, but then proceeded to reduce a 3rd DUI in ten years charge, in Riverside County, down to a misdemeanor drunk in public with no violation of probation, no jail time, and a fine of 500 dollars. Mr. Silva always showed on my behalf and kept me informed with everything that was going on, and made things clear…he also kept me at ease without every having to worry about a thing! I always felt he was very genuine and did exactly what he said he was…and he had my 3rd DUI charge reduced to my 1st, fines reduced and my jail time reduced by over 100 days! Ultimately, I couldn’t be more happier with the outcome of my case and the overall experience with Patrick Silva. We were able to resolve the case by having Carlos plead to a wet/reckless BUT we had language in the plea bargain which overturned the dui suspension at the DMV. Instead of not being able to drive his big rig for a year and losing his job, we were able to get Carlos back in his truck in less than 2 months. Five years previous to these charges I had also been arrested for another DUI. Being a second time offender I had my doubts that I would beat these charges. The man knows what he is doing because a week before my trial began the DA called him with a deal I couldn’t believe! Both my DUI charge and my driving on a suspended license charge were dismissed! Instead I was issued a ticket for no front license plate and all other charges were dropped! I was astonished and could not believe when Silva told me the great news! He even reimbursed me the expert fees I had paid in advance in order to retain the forensic toxicologist experts in case we went through trial.

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