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Past member of WV State Board of Governors; Assistant Prosecuting Attorney; Municipal Judge; active practitioner of criminal defense and plaintiff’s personal injury; selected as Super Lawyers of America. Chase Austin Elliott began an apprenticeship with Mr. Kulp of Kulp Law in 2009 during law school. At Charlie Condon Law, they’re focused on helping the people of South Carolina, emphasizing criminal defense, criminal law, juvenile crime, personal injury, workers’ compensation, governmental relations, civil litigation, probate litigation, and regulatory and licensing boards. Attorney Evan Guthrie is a lawyer and owner of Evan Guthrie Law Firm.Evan was born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina. Don graduated from law school in 2000 as a “Second career” attorney. We have searched to find the best DUI attorneys / lawyers in Charleston; those who are experienced with DUI law and who know how to deal with the affects of being arrested for DUI. These top-rated attorneys focus a significant portion of their practices to defending those accused of DUI and they understand that the consequences of a DUI conviction can destroy reputations, families, careers, and finances. These best DUI attorneys of Charleston are continually learning and staying abreast of the latest changes in DUI laws in West Virginia and have demonstrated an ability to navigate through a Charleston courtroom. When you have an attorney who is experienced with DUI offenses you will feel more confident and calmer than when you are dealing with someone who is a general practice attorney who takes any and all cases. Attorneys accepted as the best DUI lawyers in Charleston must show they devote a significant portion of their practice to DUI defense. Lawyers chosen to be a part of Best DWI Lawyers are experts in their field and we choose who will be rated with Best DWI Lawyers.

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DUI Crash Suspect That Killed Colts Player Was In U.S. Illegally

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – Indiana State Police said detectives determined the drunk driver of the Ford F-150 that killed Indianapolis Colts linebacker Edwin Jackson and Uber driver Jeffrey Monroe Sunday was using the alias Alex Cabrera Gonsales. ISP officials say his given name is Manuel Orrego-Savala, and he’s a citizen of Guatemala. According to ISP, 37-year-old Orrego-Savala is in the United States illegally and has previously been deported twice – once in 2007 and again in 2009. Orrego-Savala was arrested and taken to the Marion County Jail following Sunday morning’s deadly incident, when he smashed his truck into the car 26-year-old Jackson was standing next to on the emergency shoulder of Interstate 70, authorities said. Jackson was a passenger in a red Lincoln sedan driven by rideshare driver Monroe, 54, state troopers said. When Jackson became sick around 4 a.m., Monroe pulled over near the 76.4 mile marker and Holt Road and got out to help him, police said. A preliminary investigation found that both men were standing outside the car when a black Ford F-150 pickup truck smashed into the rear of the car and hit both men. One of the men was thrown into the center lane and was subsequently hit by a state trooper who was driving in the area. ISP said investigators will work with the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office to file criminal charges in this case, as the investigation continues. ISP says state police investigators are working with U.S. Federal Immigration Officials, and they’ve placed a hold on Orrego-Savala.

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DUI Defense Lawyer Charleston, SC

You need the guidance of a skilled dui defense lawyer. At Seibert Law Firm, LLC, our dui defense representation will be honest and frank about the consequences of a conviction for drug offenses, rape, assault, and other serious crimes. Our dui defense firm knows the serious repercussions a conviction can have on your future, so we will be there to honestly advise you through every step of the process. If you choose to retain a professional dui defense attorney at Seibert Law Firm, LLC, we will waste no time evaluating and strategizing your case. At Seibert Law Firm, LLC, we can help you understand the process you will be going through. We have helped countless clients in the Charleston area, always being sure to help clients who need our aid in understanding their dui defense charges or any other aspect of the process involving their case. Having dui defense counsel from Seibert Law Firm, LLC can assure you that no representative decision will be made without your input. Once a strategy is fully developed, our dui defense firm will aggressively defend you in the Charleston area courts at every turn. Let us at Seibert Law Firm, LLC be your guides during your dui defense case. We know this is a difficult time for you, so we invite you to call us at 554-0686 and have a private one-on-one discreet conversation where we can discuss your case in Charleston.

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Charleston DUI Attorney: 3 Reasons to Retain a Lawyer

Are you the kind of person that believes they can handle their own DUI criminal defense instead of hiring an available Charleston DUI Attorney firm? If so, then you are in for a bumpy ride my friend. You’ll possibly even end up spending a lot more time behind bars if you are convicted of a felony DUI. Is that really what you want to happen? Would you rather your pride and stupidity cost you so much in money and time? Are you willing to bet your life on your ability to defend yourself in court? Retain the services of a quality DUI lawyer right away. Now that we got that out of the way, let’s take a look at the three main reasons why you need to retain a DUI lawyer. A DUI attorney has years of experience if you hire the right one. They have probably worked on thousands of DUI cases at this point in their career. It doesn’t have to be that way, because an expert Charleston DUI lawyer has a lot of experience in this field and they will do everything in their power to get you off of all charges. Listen to what the lawyer has to say, and choose based upon the attorney’s recommendation. To conclude, you now see the three reasons why it’s wise to retain the services of a Charleston DUI Attorney. They will help you so much during your DUI trial, and they possess the experience that will see you through to the end.

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