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Charged with a DUI in SC? With four offices located throughout SC, consider hiring the SC DUI lawyers at Coastal Law. DUI charges can include driving with an unlawful alcohol concentration, felony DUI with death or great bodily injury, or South Carolina’s Zero Tolerance law for underaged drivers. Unlike other misdemeanor offenses, a South Carolina DUI conviction can never be expunged and will stay on your record for the rest of your life. In a traditional DUI case, the prosecution must prove that a person was under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or a combination of alcohol and drugs, “To the extent that the person’s faculties to drive a motor vehicle are materially and appreciably impaired.” If a person refuses the breathalyzer or blood samples, they will most likely be charged with DUI instead of DUAC. Why Should I Hire a DUI Lawyer in SC for My DUI Case? In most cases, the court will not appoint an SC DUI attorney in misdemeanor DUI cases, and it is an unfortunate fact that people who represent themselves are usually convicted. The cost of retaining a DUI attorney in SC who knows what they are doing is usually significantly less. Your DUI Defense attorney at Coastal Law, LLC, will get all the evidence in your case including the videos from the traffic stop and breathalyzer room, carefully analyze the reports and videos, locate any witnesses that could help you, and build the best defense possible based on South Carolina’s DUI laws and the circumstances of your case. Based on the strength of your defense, your DUI attorney in South Carolina will negotiate with the prosecutor, get your case dismissed, or go to trial. Ready to Speak with a DUI Lawyer in SC? If you’re serious about fighting your DUI or DUAC charges in the Myrtle Beach, Conway, Charleston, or Columbia areas, contact the South Carolina DUI lawyers at Coastal Law, LLC, today.

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Charleston DUI Lawyer

SOUTH CAROLINA ARREST DATA 107 ARREST DATA The Uniform Crime Reports Program requires a daily reporting of data concerning persons arrested in the state. Records of arrests for criminal acts in all crime classes are received from state, county and municipal law enforcement agencies in South Carolina and are classified by offense category and arranged according to age, sex and race of persons arrested. A total of 220,986 arrests for all crimes was reported during 2003, a 0.2 percent increase over 220,512 arrests reported for the year 2002. A person is counted on the arrest report each time he or she is arrested or summoned. Analysis of reported arrests for the year 2003 indicates that 16.5 percent of arrests during the year were for Index offenses. Arrests for larceny comprised the highest percentage of Index arrests, amounting to 51.7 percent, while arrests for bad checks comprised 12.6 percent of Non-Index arrests. Persons arrested for alcohol and Drug violations accounted for 28.4 percent of all arrests made during the calendar year 2003. From 1991 forward, all “Drug Law” arrest counts will include those arrests for drug equipment and paraphernalia violations. 108 SOUTH CAROLINA ARREST CLOCK 2003 one INDEX CRIME ARREST every 14 minutes, 26 seconds one VIOLENT INDEX CRIME ARREST every 45 minutes, 27 seconds one ARREST every 2 minutes, 23 seconds one NONVIOLENT INDEX CRIME ARREST every 21 minutes, 9 seconds one NON-INDEX CRIME ARREST every 2 minutes, 51 seconds The arrest clock should be viewed with care. Being the most aggregate representation of arrest data, it is designed to convey the annual reported arrest experience by showing the relative frequency of occurrence of all arrests.

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Charleston SC DUI Lawyer

MERGE WITH AN HONEST LAWYER FOR STRICT DUI STRATEGIES It is often said “Honesty is the best policy”, you need a good consideration when you are hiring a lawyer to defend you from any DUI charges. Honesty is to be maintained by the lawyer regarding no disclosure of any information with the defendants or opponents, but at the same time it is also important for you to not withhold any such things that might mess you in a big problem. All your good efforts are desired to solve things in favor of you, for such good taste you need to spoil the broth by lying to your lawyer or not communicating with your lawyer. If you’re not communicating with your DUI attorney in Charleston, SC or ignoring the cases indulged with your lawyer, then you might get to know the fact that you’re ignoring it doesn’t make it go disappear. You with your lawyer need to work on it together to find evidences that can save you from the tiff around. You need to make yourself available every time your lawyer needs you to get the things done, but your avoidance can turn out in a bitter way. Though as a considered fact that the federation system in South Carolina has turned so tough and strict that is not possible to get rid when you’re a culprit, but at the same time it is also an unavoidable fact that no court can punish any honest human for any undone crime. Less fine and minor charges are though attached with these DUI consequences, but major consequences are too summed up with it. Your honesty and your loyalty is the biggest weapon that can save you, all you need to do in such respect, don’t lie and hide with your lawyer. Instead of going and proceeding with any lawyer, search for a good one who can save you.

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