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A DUI attorney can be a helpful resource if you’re charged with driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs in South Carolina. DUI consequences are stiff and can include fines, jail time, and other penalties. Keep reading to learn more about DUI attorneys in South Carolina. Hiring a South Carolina lawyer that specializes in cases of driving under the influence can help you navigate the legal system when you’re arrested and charged with a DUI or similar offense. Not only can hiring a DUI lawyer save you time, it can also ensure that you fulfill all of your legal requirements and alleviate any confusion you may have once you’re charged with a DUI. DUI Charges in South Carolina. You can be arrested for a DUI if you’re caught driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. A DUI attorney can represent you if you are charged with a DUI or a similar offense. Getting arrested for DUI has several consequences; BOTH the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles and the criminal court will take action. You can request a South Carolina DMV hearing regarding your suspension. A DUI lawyer may be able to advise you or represent you in the hearing. In addition to a SC driver’s license suspension, a judge will order criminal penalties if you’re convicted in a criminal court. A South Carolina DUI attorney can help you understand your responsibilities before, during, and after legal proceedings. The financial consequences of a DUI can be significant. DUI convictions often result in higher car insurance rates because you’re a bigger risk to insure. Although an attorney can add to your cost, many people charged with a DUI find that the benefits and time savings are well worth the added expense.

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DUI Lawyer Charleston, SC

In South Carolina, it is unlawful for a person to drive a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs so that the driver’s facilities to operate the vehicle are materially impaired. It is also unlawful for a person to drive a motor vehicle whose blood alcohol content is equal to or greater than 0.08%. Potential penalties for violating these laws may include fines ranging from $400 to $10,000, community service, and/or imprisonment. All persons convicted will have their driver’s license suspended for a period of time dependent on the number of the conviction. All persons convicted are also required to enroll in and successfully complete an Alcohol and Drug Safety Action Program. In some cases, the Department of Motor Vehicles may require an ignition interlock devise to be installed in the person’s vehicle which is designed to prevent driving of the motor vehicle if the person has consumed alcohol. For persons with two or more convictions, suspension of all vehicle registrations in the person’s name is required. The penalty for a first offense is a fine OR imprisonment. Community service may be ordered at the court’s discretion instead of the minimum imprisonment period. The penalty for a second offense is fine AND imprisonment. The penalty for a third offense is fine AND imprisonment. If the third conviction occurs within five years of the first conviction, the suspension will be for four years instead of two. When looking at whether the DUI offense is considered the accused’s first, second, third or fourth offense, the Court looks at prior convictions going back for ten years. This includes convictions in other states with comparable DUI laws.

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The Curry Law Firm, LLC

Alimony, also known as spousal support, is a common issue in divorce cases. Alimony involves payments from one spouse to the other after a divorce or separation. So why would you need to hire an alimony attorney in North Charleston or Walterboro, SC? Can’t a divorce lawyer take care of your spousal support claim? In general, alimony is calculated separately from child support, though one or both might be awarded as part of a divorce case. In some states the amount of child support can affect the amount of alimony. This is why it’s important to consult a lawyer who’s experienced in dealing with spousal support cases. An alimony attorney will know exactly what rules and conditions apply to your case. A divorce lawyer usually handles the whole divorce, including spousal support. Not all attorneys have experience with this area of family law. If your attorney doesn’t specialize in cases involving alimony, or if you have a particularly complicated case, it may be necessary to consult a separate alimony attorney. Alimony attorneys specialize in representing clients who need to negotiate or change spousal support agreements. If you’re owed alimony and the other party refuses to pay, a lawyer can guide you through the process of obtaining a court order. Whichever side you’re on, your lawyer should be able to help you reach a spousal support agreement you’re comfortable with. Particularly in cases where there is bad blood between the two sides, it can be a great help to have a skilled attorney on your side to mediate. If you need a divorce attorney in or around Charleston and Summerville, SC who understands how the courts deal with alimony cases, call The Curry Law Firm.

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