South Carolina DUI Defense Lawyers

Strom Law Firm Criminal Defense Lawyers Being arrested for DUI does not mean that you are guilty, a bad person, or that you do not have any rights. The Strom Law Firm DUI defense lawyers located in Columbia, South Carolina can help. Founded by a former U.S. Attorney, the team at Strom Law also includes a former Public Defender and Richland County Assistant Solicitor. Our Columbia DUI lawyers will evaluate your case at no charge. Fill out the Free Case Evaluation form on the right or call us immediately. Let us fight your South Carolina DUI charge, and help you protect your freedom and financial future. During our complimentary case evaluation, we’ll help you decide whether to plead guilty or not guilty – and inform you if your DUI charge or penalties could be reduced. If retained to provide your DUI defense, our DUI lawyers will investigate the legality of your DUI arrest and determine whether guilt can be proven. South Carolina DUI law is a complex law, with a surprisingly large gray area of actual DUI culpability. Only a DUI attorney can thoroughly evaluate and challenge your DUI arrest. The South Carolina DUI lawyers at Strom Law Firm, LLC will examine these and other DUI laws to determine the strength or weakness of the case against you. This issue is at the core of the argument and presents the biggest challenge in dealing with the DUI statute. The charge of a first DUI, second DUI, third DUI, or subsequent offense; your blood alcohol level; your agreement or refusal to take a chemical test, such as a breathalyzer; minors being in your vehicle; and. Not sure if your situation falls into one of these cases? Call us or fill out the form for a no-cost consultation. Find out how our lawyers can give you another chance.

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North Charleston DUI Attorney

Whether this is your 1st or 4th DUI arrest, driving under the influence is a serious matter with potentially serious consequences. According to the S.C. Code of Laws Title 56, a DUI in SC can result in having your license suspended, hefty fines and possible jail time. While there may be legal matters that can be handled without a lawyer, DUI laws are very specific. So when facing a DUI or DWI in North Charleston, you need an attorney who knows the law. You need a North Charleston SC DUI attorney who will aggressively fight for your rights. Your DUI attorney can help you navigate through South Carolina’s complicated DUI laws and processes. In addition to answering your questions, a skilled North Charleston DUI lawyer will leverage his or her experience, commitment and knowledge of SC DUI law to provide you defense you deserve. You need an attorney who takes a client-centered approach by tailoring a defense to the unique facts of your individual case. Prior to selecting your attorney, you should take the time to explore your options. Meet with a couple of DUI / DWI lawyers in the Charleston area to find the one you feel is best qualified to handle your case. What’s your experience with DUI / DWI cases in North Charleston? How much of your defense practices is devoted to DUI cases? Why should you choose North Charleston DUI Attorney Webb Charpia to represent you? His background and practice are heavily focused representing individuals charged with DUI. He thrives on getting to know his clients and the intricacies of their case. So if you’re looking for a North Charleston DUI attorney, contact Webb Charpia for a Free , No-obligation consultation by calling 261-7026 or completing this form online.

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DUI Attorney, Charleston SC

Driving Under the Influence is a serious criminal accusation. The consequences of a conviction can be life changing. If you have been accused of driving under the influence you need a knowledgeable and experienced DUI trial attorney. Drew Carroll has devoted more than sixteen years of his career to defending DUI cases in South Carolina. Drew has successfully resolved more than a thousand DUI cases both at trial and through pre-trial negotiations. He has regularly trained with the most advanced DUI defense lawyers and non-lawyer experts in the country, and has served as a member of the Teaching Faculty of the National College for DUI Defense since that designation was adopted in 2013. DUI cases are not simple traffic offenses, these are often complex criminal cases made by specially trained DUI Task Force officers. These DUI Task Force officers patrol the roadways with the specific mission of making DUI arrests. Law Enforcement officers are trained to use specific standardized tools while investigating a suspected DUI case. Among the investigative tools commonly used by well trained law enforcement officers are Standardized Field Sobriety Tests, Drug Recognition Evaluations and breath, blood or urine tests. To be effective, a DUI defense lawyer can leave nothing to chance, but must have a thorough understanding of the tools used to investigate and prosecute a driver suspected of driving under the influence. Drew has completed National Patent Analytical Systems’ breath-testing course on the DataMaster DMT; the only device approved for breath-testing in South Carolina. If you’ve been charged with DUI or DUAC, put you future in the hands of a well trained and very experienced full time DUI trial lawyer.

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