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Robert J. Reeves P.C. is a South Carolina criminal defense law firm with a state-wide practice. Mr. Reeves has been a practicing trial attorney for over 25 years. He grew up in Valdosta, Georgia, fostering in him small-town values. Mr. Reeves went on to earn his Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 1984 from the Medical College of Georgia, where he graduated with honors. After working for a time as an ICU nurse, Mr. Reeves decided to attend law school, going to the University of South Carolina Law School. He received from USC his Juris Doctor degree in 1989 and was admitted to practice law in South Carolina the same year.

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Find a DUI Lawyer in Charleston, South Carolina

Locating a Charleston DUI attorney may be easier said than done, particularly considering the fact that this is a sensitive matter that should only be addressed by a skilled professional. Our goal is to make it easier to find the right lawyer. The following attorneys provide legal services related to DUI in the Charleston, South Carolina area. You can take this opportunity to review their qualifications, to visit their websites or to call their law offices to learn more about DUI, your legal rights and the assistance they can offer you. From there, you may find it much easier to choose the Charleston DUI lawyer who is best suited to handle your case.

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Charleston, West Virginia DUI Attorney

What should you do if dealing with drunk driving charges or any legal matter related to DUI in Charleston, West Virginia? You can get the answer to this and any other questions you may have by connecting with a skilled lawyer. Finding a Charleston DUI attorney is easy when you use our directory, as you can see by reviewing the following search results. These legal professionals provide assistance to clients throughout the Charleston area in relation to DUI and may be able to help you. Instead of facing imprisonment, fines and other serious penalties, use our directory to choose a Charleston DUI lawyer who suits your unique needs.

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Free Legal Aid South Carolina

Pro Bono, free legal aid South Carolina can assist in a variety of civil legal cases and services to eligible low income state residents. Income guidelines are based upon the Federal Poverty guidelines. DISCLAIMER: The law will vary depending on your state and the specifics of your case. The information provided by is intended for educational purposes only. All the content on this website should NOT be considered professional legal advice or a substitute for professional legal advice. We recommend getting a free initial consultation by a licensed Attorney in your State.

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Charleston, South Carolina DUI Attorneys

DUI attorney at H Stanley Feldman Lawyer with 39 years experience. If you decide the potential consequence of going to jail is too great to go it alone, select an attorney who is licensed in your state and focuses his or her practice on DUI defense. Referrals from family and friends are helpful; however, if you want to keep your drunk driving arrest on the down low, you’re welcome to use our directory to find a lawyer for a free DUI case evaluation. You need to feel comfortable and respect your lawyer, so it’s okay to consult with a few DUI attorneys and select the one who is the best fit.

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DUI Lawyer Charleston SC

Html – As a Charleston DUI lawyer, Dennis O’Neill has prosecuted, defended and presided over hundreds of DUI cases. h… – As a Charleston DUI lawyer, Dennis O’Neill has prosecuted, defended and presided over hundreds of DUI cases. The DUI Law in South Carolina is extremely strict and enforcement is at an all-time high. Being stopped for DUI can result in the administrative suspension of your driver’s license for refusing to take the breath test. If you are charged with DUI in Charleston, SC, contact us immediately. Originally collected by fetching…..

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