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In South Carolina, driving under the influence, commonly known as DUI, can lead to significant, life altering consequences beyond a mere fine. Consequences may include but are not limited to: loss or impairment of one’s driver’s license, vehicle confiscation, loss of job and employment opportunities, jail time, drastically increased insurance rates and mandatory enrollment and completion of an alcohol and drug safety course, commonly known as ADSAP. If you have been charged with DUI in South Carolina, you have a lot at stake. It is extremely important that you hire a Charleston, SC DUI lawyer who is highly familiar with the system, the prosecutors, the police and the judges. As the former lead DUI prosecutor in Berkeley County, J. Allen Mastantuno has the skill, knowledge and experience to defend you and protect your rights. His extensive knowledge and experience was gained while prosecuting over a hundred DUI cases in Berkeley County ranging from DUI 1st offense to Felony DUI Involving Death. If you have been charged with a DUI in Charleston or anywhere in South Carolina, please get in touch today to find out how we can help. In South Carolina, DUI charges have time-sensitive deadlines that must be met, or the consequences may be irreversible. If you refused to provide a breath, blood or urine sample or if you did provide a breath sample and the Blood Alcohol Concentration was.15 or higher your license may have been immediately suspended. You only have 30 days from the date of your arrest to request an administrative hearing seeking a temporary driver’s license.

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South Carolina DUI Laws

From Myrtle Beach to Charleston, Columbia to Greenville, drinking alcohol or taking illegal drugs and driving is a crime in South Carolina. The law surrounding a South Carolina driving under the influence crime is actually broken down into two, separate crimes: a DUI and a Driving with Unlawful Alcohol Concentration. “If you’ve been drinking alcohol, the alcohol goes into your bloodstream and is able to be measured by law enforcement through a blood or breath test. If your blood alcohol concentration is 0.08 percent or more at the time of driving, you will be in violation of the law. This is true even if you don’t feel”drunk” or “intoxicated. To be clear, this charge doesn’t involve driving while using drugs, strictly alcohol use. If you’ve been arrested and convicted of a DUI in the past, you’ll want to be aware of this rule. Simply put, if you’ve been convicted of a South Carolina DUI in the past 10 years, the prosecution will “Lookback” at your past DUI criminal history and elevate any DUI crimes charged against you. It will also be used by the sentencing judge at the time he or she is rendering a sentencing against you and may involve a higher fine, longer jail sentence, and possible installation of an ignition interlock device. If you’re interested in learning more about your DUI claim, you can fortunately do so free of charge. A great first step in finding the right attorney and pursuing your claim is to contact a DUI attorney for a free case review. That way, you’ll know more about your case and be better prepared to make crucial decisions going forward.

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Charleston Criminal Lawyers

Your life is precious, even if you have made a mistake, no matter how small or large. You have rights and we understand that “Nobody is perfect”. We will understand you, and stand on your side to achieve a successful outcome. Our Criminal attorneys have experience and knowledge in South Carolina criminal law and their primary focus is criminal defense. Charleston prosecutors and Judges know them and respect them. They understand that we have a dedicated job to protect your rights even if you are guilty. Our Attorneys have the honest and professional reputation and are willing to put all the effort needed to get positive results for people like you. Contact us today! Don’t make legal mistakes or plead guilty. We commend you on taking responsibility for what you have done but you still have rights under the law and there is no reason why you should get a worse outcome than somebody who is unwilling to be remorseful or take responsibility. Talk to us and let us shelter you from a very complicated situation or severe legal outcomes. Talk to a DUI Attorney who will explain how they will aggressively defend your rights when facing a DUI in Charleston SC. They can address all the possible defenses that might apply to your particular case. You will find our DUI attorneys have an understanding and compassion for how stressful a criminal charge of drunk driving can be and the risks involved in having a DUI citation hanging over your head. We are willing to help and defend you through a difficult court process with dedication to the best outcome and your success.

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