DUI Checkpoints Legal in South Carolina

A DUI checkpoint is when the police stop vehicles on public roadways to determine whether the driver is operating his or her vehicle under the influence. Many individuals believe that the police have to have probable cause in order to stop drivers at a DUI checkpoint. What the U.S. Supreme Court stated is that the dangers associated with drunk driving actually outweigh the degree of intrusion of sobriety checkpoints. As a result of this decision, the National Highway Safety Transportation Board has issued guidelines for law enforcement to follow when they decide to administer a sobriety checkpoint. The guideline that is essential for law enforcement to follow is that they have to make the sobriety checkpoint publicized far in advance. Sobriety checkpoints are legally permitted within the state of South Carolina. Otherwise, evidence obtained at the DUI checkpoint may be kept out of court. Cars Must Be Stopped in a Predictable Pattern – Law enforcement can’t stop vehicles randomly. The Site Must Be Safe and Identifiable – Law enforcement must take safety precautions such as proper lighting, warning signs, and signals. The checkpoint must be identified as a license or a DUI checkpoint. Police officers involved in the checkpoint must be in uniform. The Stop Must Be Brief – Law enforcement can’t hold drivers longer than is needed. The Checkpoint Must Be Effective – The prosecution must show evidence that the checkpoint “Served the public’s interest.” If you are stopped at a DUI checkpoint, you must provide your driver’s license, your registration, and your proof of insurance. If you have been charged with a DUI at a checkpoint, you may have several defenses.

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DUI Lawyer Charleston SC

DUI Lawyer Charleston SC If you need a Charleston DUI lawyer, then you are probably looking at hiring a lawyer or using a public defender. Driving under the influence, or drunk driving, means that you were caught driving a motorized vehicle while you had a blood alcohol level that exceeded the legal limits. If you are accused of DUI in Charleston, SC, the first thing you need to do is to secure a Charleston DUI attorney. These are, most commonly, a criminal defense lawyer. Your DUI lawyer can be appointed by the state or county in which you were arrested, or you may be appointed a federal lawyer. The most important phase of your defense actually occurs before you are charged. The prosecution will present their case to the court to have you charged for DUI, and at that time, if you have a good DUI lawyer, you can contest the charge. If your lawyer is successful, you will never be charged. This is why it is so important to hire a DUI attorney as soon as you are arrested. Your attorney will immediately investigate the arrest. With enough lead time to your court date, your DUI lawyer may be able to put together a case that will negate the evidence of the prosecution. When this happens, you will not be charged with DUI. The public defenders provided by the government, will not have time to be there on the spot, since they represent everybody. As a Charleston DUI lawyer, Dennis O’Neill has prosecuted, defended and presided over hundreds of DUI cases. The DUI Law in South Carolina is extremely strict and enforcement is at an all-time high. Being stopped for DUI can result in the administrative suspension of your driver’s license for refusing to take the breath test.

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West Columbia Personal Injury Attorney

The Taylor Law Firm, LLC is a family-owned general practice law firm offering legal representation to individuals and businesses in West Columbia, South Carolina, and the surrounding areas. We provide big-firm knowledge and know-how along with the friendly, personal attention that is characteristic of a smaller, family-owned law firm. With years of combined legal experience, our lawyers are well-known and highly regarded in the community. The lawyers at the Taylor Law Firm, LLC are skilled, hardworking professionals who know how to get things done for our clients. We are straightforward and honest with the clients we serve; we do not make false promises just to get their business. We understand that each family law situation is unique. If you are considering a divorce or want to resolve a child custody, support or visitation dispute, we can help. If you have been seriously injured by the negligence or recklessness of another, we will conduct a comprehensive investigation to identify the at-fault parties. Rest assured, our firm will fight for the compensation you need and deserve. Whether you are charged with DUI, a drug offense, assault, domestic violence or criminal sexual conduct, we will fight to protect your rights and your future. We represent corporate clients in business disputes involving breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duties and other pressing legal matters. Our law offices are conveniently located between I-20 and I-26 on Highway 378, between the Lexington and Richland County courthouses. To learn more about the Taylor Law Firm, LLC or to request a free consultation with one of our skilled lawyers, please call 803-926-2205 or e-mail us today.

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