Charleston DUI charleston sc dui News for February 10 2017

Shocking misconduct by US border officials revealed also found that guards investigated for their misconduct were sometimes given lenient punishments. Five of the investigations involved agents’ shocking behavior while on official business abroad.On September 19, 2013, an immigration enforcement agent was suspended for driving a government vehicle drunk on overseas business in Accra, Ghana. In December 2014, two guards were given reprimands after they were found out to be in a sexual relationship with another guard at an outpost in the US Embassy in Kingston, Jamaica. BUNGLING BORDER OFFICIALS 2013.FEBRUARY: A border guard in Casa Grande, Arizona, was fired for sexually harassing subordinate employees and creating a hostile work environment. JUNE: An officer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was only suspended for one day after they were arrested for a DUI.AUGUST: A detainee in Moore Haven, Florida, accused a guard of sexual misconduct.…


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