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What is a ‘Felony DUI’ in South Carolina?

One of the most frequent questions we are asked by new DUI clients is whether a DUI charge is a felony or a misdemeanor. Even if you are not truly “Impaired” under DUI standards, you can be charged with a felony DUI if you have an accident with another vehicle and cause serious injury or death. A felony DUI is most serious, and you should retain experienced DUI defense counsel as quickly as possible after being charged. The first element sounds very similar to a DUI, but unlike a misdemeanor DUI, the statute does not mention that the drugs or alcohol must also impair the ability of the driver to drive safely. If alcohol and/or drugs play any role, this first element is satisfied for a felony DUI. The second element, as written, may allow individuals who are under the influence, but do nothing else wrong, to escape a serious felony DUI charge.

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If my license is suspended for a DUI arrest, can I get a temporary driving privilege?Anyone charged with DUI, who also suffers an administrative license suspension is eligible for a Temporary Alcohol Restricted License if you request an administrative hearing within 30 days of the arrest. If such a hearing is not requested, you may still be eligible for a Route Restricted Driver’s License if it is your first offense and you have enrolled in ADSAP. Will my DUI arrest show up on a background check?If you were arrested for DUI, an arrest record was created for that charge when you were booked into the detention center. If I have a prior DUI from another state, can that be used against me in the prosecution of my SC DUI?If the prior DUI conviction was within the last 10 years, it can be used to enhance a new DUI charge to a 2nd or subsequent offense regardless of what state your prior conviction occurred in. If I have an out of state driver’s license, will a SC DUI suspend my license?For out of state drivers, it is your privilege to drive in SC that is suspended. How can I beat a DUI case when the arresting officer believes I was drunk?In SC, DUI law requires the arresting officer to video record the entire investigation.

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If you’re worried that you may need to ask for the personal attention of a Charleston, SC, lawyer, Dixon Law Firm is available to look over the details of your case. Our firm assists clients who are trying to protect their rights in civil and criminal legal matters. Misdemeanor or felonies accusations DUI claims Family law issues A divorce case Probate law questions. Dixon Law Firm is available to examine your case anytime Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm, or Saturday – Sunday, by appointment. A Charleston, SC, lawyer will explore the particulars of your case and offer a sense of what legal remedies are worth considering.

Judge sets bond for Charleston attorney arrested on DUI, drug ch

A judge set bond for a prominent Charleston-area attorney arrested early Monday morning on charges of DUI and possession of cocaine. Mark Peper, 38, was arrested on charges of DUI, possession of cocaine first offense and open container, according to Charleston County jail records. A bond court judge set a $2,262 personal recognizance bond for the DUI charge, a $2,000 PR bond for the cocaine charge and a $258 PR bond for the open container charge Monday morning. Deputies stopped Peper near the intersection of Highway 17 and Highway 162 in Charleston County after observing his vehicle traveling 85 mph in a 55 mph zone and failing to stay in its lane, according to an incident report. The deputy found an open bottle of beer in his vehicle and located a folded dollar bill in the right coin pocket of Peper’s jeans, the report states.…on-dui-drug-charges

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