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South Carolina DWI Lawyer

There are many options to discuss with your Charleston DUI lawyer. You should consult an attorney for individual advice regarding your personal traffic, DUI or DWI situation. The featured/premium attorneys listed on the top of the page within the webpage’s have paid an advertisement fee with The attorney pages shall not be considered an endorsement of an attorney or referral to an attorney by the Ticket Void service. The employees of shall forward your ticket information and or emails to attorneys within the state and county of your traffic offense.

Michael A. Uricchio South Carolina Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are accused of a crime, you have the right to defend yourself against the charges filed. It is your right to seek out an experienced South Carolina Criminal Defense Attorney to help you maintain your innocence. The law firm of Michael A. Uricchio, Attorney at Law, brings over 20 years of trial experience serving the Louwcountry. Though our office is located in Charleston, SC, we serve all of South Carolina.

North Charleston DUI Attorney | Susan Williams

Need a North Charleston DUI Attorney to represent you for a DUI charge? Attorney Susan Williams may be able to help.…/DUI-Attorney-North-Charleston-SC

SC DUAC Laws, Penalties, and License Suspension Information

SOUTH CAROLINA IMPLIED CONSENT LICENSE SUSPENSION CHART(for persons 21 years and older) INCIDENT BAC 0.14% or less BAC 0.15% or more REFUSAL TO SUBMIT No priors in past 10 years None 1 month 6 months 1 prior in past 10 years None 2 months 9 months 2 priors in past 10 years None 3 months 12 months 3 priors in past 10 years None 4 months 15 months. SOUTH CAROLINA DUI / DUAC CONVICTION DRIVER LICENSE SUSPENSION CHART FIRST OFFENSE(w/in past 10 years) Six Month Suspension SECOND OFFENSE(w/in past 10 years) One Year Suspension THIRD OFFENSE(w/in past 10 years) Two to Four Year Suspension₁ FOURTH OR SUBSEQUENT OFFENSE(w/in past 10 years) Permanent Revocation Note 1: If the third conviction occurs within five years from the date of the first offense, then the suspension length is four years. Of course, South Carolina law also refers to driving with unlawful alcohol concentration or DUAC. Is a DUI / DUAC in South Carolina a misdemeanor or felony charge? South Carolina and 44 other states and the District of Columbia have adopted an agreement known as the “Driver License Compact.” South Carolina will report a DUI / DUAC conviction to the home state of the driver. If you are a South Carolina licensed driver and you are convicted of a DUI charge in another state, South Carolina will suspend your license if it learns of the conviction.

South Carolina DUI & DWI Laws & Enforcement

South Carolina DUI & DWI. Drinking and driving is a serious and dangerous offense in South Carolina. DUI or Refusing a Chemical Test Penalties in SC. The penalties for a DUI/DWI in South Carolina will vary depending on the severity of your offense and the number of times you’ve committed a DUI in the past 10 years. If you drink and drive you will face both criminal penalties in court and administrative penalties with the South Carolina DMV. It is also important to remember that South Carolina has an “Implied Consent” law. Criminal Penalties Criminal penalties for DUI or refusing a chemical test are high in South Carolina. After satisfying the South Carolina court requirements and criminal penalties for a DUI/alcohol-related offense, you’ll need to reinstate your driver’s license with the South Carolina DMV once your suspension period is over.

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